Yesterday, February 8, 2018, headlines in the Salt Lake Tribune told an all too familiar story of what really takes place in true Mormonism –

Mormon bishops told ex-wives of former Hatch, White House staffer to consider his ‘career ambitions’ when they reported his physical abuse, they say

While their stories are heart-wrenching, they’re not unique. Unfortunately they’re two of the hundreds of stories that can be told about Utah Mormonism.

We don’t know where Mr. Porter’s’ two ex-wives live, but we do know the mindset of what happens in Utah tends to carry on in Mormonism no matter the residence.

Yesterday’s news is still a problem today in the homes of many who call themselves Mormon. Images plastering television screens and front pages of major newspapers,  paint a picture of what plagues many. Their problems don’t go away when the next big story comes along, in fact, they may grow worse.

Not a Coincidence

Headlines about White House Staffer, Rob Porter, is symbolic of the ‘status quo’ for many in my beloved home state of Utah. By and large, the higher than average rates for violent behavior has been a mystery for Utah authorities going on five decades now.

The real mystery is why no one accepts why these things keep taking place. Make no mistake, Porter’s behavior is no coincidence.

In 2004 we began investigating and publishing reports on the numerous problems Utah found itself in over the years. Not only has suicide been a huge problem, but so has drug use, and no surprise here; domestic violence.

In 2016, although the numbers for Domestic Violence related deaths were somewhat lower than 2013-2014, they were still alarming in a state who banks eternity on forever families.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, at least 20 of the 63 homicides in Utah were domestic violence related. The 30% rate looks better on paper, but paper and percentages are impersonal. They can’t know the heartache of those who’ve suffered the consequences of someone’s outrageous behavior.

The responses these two women received from their bishops are deplorable, and totally inexcusable. Why should it matter if the guy was a Harvard grad, or went on a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Why should working alongside the President give someone a free pass for what is essentially illegal?

The issue here is domestic violence, and how it’s permeated the very fiber of the Mormon Church.

Sadly, there shouldn’t be any other expectation given the fact that women in Mormonism must have a husband to gain salvation. See Melissa’s article ‘Women Need Their Husbands to be Saved?’ which explains why many men (NOT ALL!) in Mormonism have a superiority complex.

For those who thought the bishops’ responses were part of ‘old Mormonism’. You’re right, they are.

As you can plainly see, nothing in Mormonism has changed at all. The Church issued a statement they condemn domestic violence, but their canon still reads the same today, as it did 186 years ago.

Please, pray for the two women, and the countless others, who live in the same situation every day of their lives. May they come to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus and Him crucified!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18