In June of 1978 the LDS Church officially changed their position on who could hold the priesthood in their church. No longer would there be a ban on blacks or anyone of color.

While the first few decades after lifting the ban didn’t see a lot of changes, the past ten or so years have. The Church has gone on an advertising blitz showing people from all over the world claiming to be Mormon. This held especially true during Mitt Romney’s run for the White House.

Oddly, Mormon scriptures have yet to reflect the big change of 1978. No modern day prophet since that time has had any revelation from God telling them to rewrite their canon.

The following articles are filled with information of the Church’s stance on race.

A Lack of Accountability – Race Relations & How They Affect the Church

This is a hard look at how the Church never answers for their past racist behavior. Written by Lee Baker, a former Mormon bishop.

African Americans and Utah Mormonism

Blacks in the Mormon Church

Book of Mormon Changes to Cursed Lamanites

Jesus Loves the Little Childrenn

Race & the Mormon Priesthood

The Church’s statement on race, why they’re not racist and condolences for Nelson Mandela

Racism in Mormon Scriptures

Racist Mormon Toys

Racist Mormon Toys; More Fall Out for the Church

Racist Mormon Toys; Church Pulls Toys

Racist Quotes by Leaders in Mormonism

The Curse of Cain and the Mormon Church

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