Mormons have 140 temples throughout the world with another dozen or so under construction at the time of this writing (2013) – see article below Temples Around the World.

Temple ceremonies and endowments have evolved over the years with the last major change taking place in 2005. The opulent and bigger than life buildings and the rituals therein represent the essential threshold needed to get into heaven.  So even though members may know about Smith’s prophecy, they either ignore the contradictions or accept the evolutionary manner of their god to secure their place in godhood or goddess status.

While the doctrines of Mormonism demands personal worthiness to gain access to the temples, the vast majority of Mormons don’t qualify. Rough estimates published by many insiders show that only ten percent have attended the temple and less than half of those who have attended will go back more than once.

The engravings on the outside of the Salt Lake and Nauvoo temples are especially troublesome with their occultic message.  Shockingly, the majority of Mormons don’t know the true meanings of these markings, nor do they question the explanations of them by their leaders.

We have several resources available for more info about Mormon temples from the scripts of the ceremonies, videos of endowment and baptisms for the dead to the engravings and their meanings.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for be sure to e-mail with your questions!

A Cross on a Mormon Temple

Covenants & Ordinances of Mormonism

Endowment Ceremonies Change

Inverted Stain Glass Pentagrams

Mormon Church Launches New Temple Film

Occult Markings on Church History Museum & Visitor’s Center

We’re asking why the Church would house occult markings on their holy buildings if they’re a Christian organization!

San Diego Temple Symbols

What is the seal of Melchizedek and why is this on numerous LDS temples?

Temples Around the World

Temple Clothing

Temple Endowment Ceremony Scripts

Temple Initiatory Ceremony

Creation Ceremony – Part 1

Garden Ceremony – Part 2

Telestial Kingdom – Part 3

Terrestrial World – Part 4

The Veil – Part 5

Baptisms for the Dead, Sealings, Confirmations – Part 6

Temple Furniture of the Bible and LDS Temples 1

Temple Furniture of the Bible and LDS Temples 2

Temple Recommend Interview Questions

Temple Videos

 Episode 1: Veil Instructions

Episode 2: Secret Handshakes

Episode 3: Welcome to Mitt Romney’s World

Episode 4: Baptisms for the Dead

Episode 5: Chants and Costumes

Episode 6: Inside the Prayer Circle

Where is the Temple of God?

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