Researching the Truth About Mormonism

There is some wonderful information about the Mormon Church that can be found on the Web. There is also some insincere propaganda that only seeks to tear down sincerely deceived Mormons. Life After Ministries’ reference pages are your source for safe reading that disputes the doctrines of the Mormon Church when compared with Biblical Christianity. We hope that you find the information helpful.

While we have other sections dedicated to Joseph Smith and his teachings, witnessing, salvation, to name a few, this section is dedicated to providing you with detailed research on the doctrine and teachings of the Mormon Church.

Some of the research is about the expected false prophecies and problems with the Book of Mormon, there is also a great deal of information about several of the not so common issues within Mormonism, such as vital statistics within Utah, and the abnormally high use of demonic names within the Mormon teachings.

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