Godhead of Mormonism

The godhead of Mormonism is nothing like the Trinity of Christianity. Their belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is made up of exalted men and a spiritual force that can provide inspiration to members  if they’re following the dictates of the Church.  Every single core belief of Christianity was turned on its proverbial head with Joseph Smith’s new religion.

Their god (elohim) was spiritually begotten through a sexual union by his heavenly parents on another planet.

Their savior Jesus was also spiritually begotten through a sexual union by his father elohim before the creation of the universe. This makes Jesus their elder brother along with Lucifer, because everyone was spiritually begotten before creation.

We’ve listed some of the core beliefs of each godhead member, however, this is by no means an exhaustive list as Mormonism is an evolving religion.

New converts to Mormonism are never told the whole story of who they believe their god is, thus the low retention rate seen in its membership. More times than not converts turn inactive within a year of conversion.

We’ve also listed information about the Mormon Heavenly Mother. While she’s not officially recognized as a member of the Mormon godhead, she is recognized as an important element of how their god operates.

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Heavenly Mother, Goddess Wife

A key belief in the foundation of Mormonism is the theory everyone is literally begotten by a heavenly mother and father in a pre-mortal existence.  This polygamous marital union is made up of one exalted man now god who has multiple goddess wives and they beget spirit babies who grow to maturity and then are given birth to in human form by our parents here on earth.

Mormons aren’t given the name of their particular mother, nor are they encouraged to pray to her as she serves no other role outside of propagating the species.

You can learn more about the Mormon belief system and their mother in heaven in the articles here in this section.

Several articles on the role of the Mormon Heavenly Mother and her similarities to the Babylonian fertility goddess Asherah.  There’s also an examination of the Mormon heavenly mother and how long she’d be pregnant in heaven to produce all those spirit babies.

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  1. Shay

    You should never get information from Dell if your goal is to learn more about Apple……this is mostly false and/or out of context. If you want to learn about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints it would save you alot of time and exposure to those who bear false witnesses by going directly to the source……as in any situation. I, for example, would never ask a Jehovah’s Witness to give me the facts on a Lutheran or a Catholic….nor would I claim to know all about them and then bear false witness against them. Let everyone worship how, where or what they may and never bear false witness!


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