Word Studies with Mormons

Don’t take our word for it, what does the Bible say?

The first thing to keep in mind when witnessing is your heart. Where is it at in regards to this Mormon person? You will never ‘win’ the argument with them by ‘proving’ that they’re wrong. Your proof was shown in His resurrection. It really happened, i.e., credible eyewitness accounts.

One of your goals is to show them how to read the Bible for themselves and find the truth. Another goal is to teach them proper English. You can achieve both of these goals through word studies. They have been taught that words mean something other than what they really do. This will mean that you do word studies with them. The words elohim, covenant, oath, promise, everlasting, create (and its derivatives), eternal life, salvation and forever are just a few ideas to begin with. You can expand these as your study with them progresses. Phrases may include Son of Man and Son of God. What is the difference between these two phrases?

If you’ve never done a word study, don’t be alarmed or overwhelmed. It’s quite simple and really it’s the only way to understand the Word for yourself.

You will need a dictionary and paper. You’ll also need either a Strong’s Concordance or Vine’s Expository Dictionary/Lexicon. All three of these book choices would be optimal but a dictionary and one of the last two choices will suffice.

Choose your word. I always recommend elohim for the significance it has for the Mormon. To the Mormon elohim is their ‘Heavenly Father’. Their understanding of him varies to their experience, but they all know who he is and what he represents.

Now elohim will not show up in your dictionary, but it will in the Strong’s and Vine’s.

Find the word, write down all the places it lists in that book and write every reference down. Look up each verse in order to get its full meaning. Next you’ll want to write down the transliteration for them. In this case elohim actually has two meanings. The first is; the fullness or deity of God. Meaning the Trinity, Creator. A sample verse is found in Gen. 1:26; ‘And the Lord God said, Let US make man in our image…’

The other meaning is false gods, rulers, kings, principalities. An example is found in 1 Samuel 28:13; “…And the woman said unto Saul, I saw gods ascending out of the earth.”  This is when the witch Endor was calling up familiar spirits from the ground.

The Mormons do NOT believe in the Trinity so this leaves the obvious choice of their belief as the false gods.

When you use these types of tools to witness to them they’ll begin to think for themselves and wonder why it is that they don’t use dictionaries. The information you will be using will come from an objective observer, if you will, such as a secular bookstore.

The other tool to use is the Holy Spirit. He actually resides inside of you and the Mormon can sense this. Remind them of the verse where 2 or more are gathered, there He will be. Ask the Mormon if they believe this. Each time they will say they do.

Pray with the Mormon. Never, never allow the Mormon to do the praying. They are not praying to your One True God. They are praying to Ba’al. You take control of the meeting by your demeanor and love for them.

Tell the Mormon what Jesus did for you today and back it up with scripture. It is vital that it’s not the gospel according to you. It’s the gospel according to God. The Word is God-breathed, or theopneustos. Eventually they will mull these things around in their minds and begin thinking for themselves.

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With Love in Christ, Michelle

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