Core Doctrines of Mormonism

This is a great place to find info on core doctrines of Mormonism. Many of the titles are common words or phrases used in Mormonism that focuses on what God says and what Mormonism teaches.

8th Article of Faith

13 Articles of Faith 

14 Articles of Faith?

14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet

16 Points/True Church

167 Missionary Rules

A Different Jesus Book Review

Adam and Eve’s Sin

Adopted by God or Begotten?

Altar of God, not Man

Apostles of the Church 1

Apostles of the Church 2

Asherah and Mormon Heavenly Mother

Atonement of Jesus Christ

Baptismal Interview Questions Intro

Baptismal Interview Questions Part 1

Baptismal Interview Questions Part 2

Baptismal Interview Questions Part 3

Baptismal Interview Questions Part 4

Baptismal Interview Questions Part 5

Baptismal Interview Questions Conclusion

Baptisms for the Dead

Beehives – Their Importance in Utah

Bible, Book of Mormon and LDS Scriptures Compared

Bishops and Young Women

Burning in the Bosom

Caffeine & Mormonism

Christianity & Mormonism

Coca-Cola Sold in BYU Vending Machines

Demonic & Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon

Early American Revivals & the Book of Mormon

Enos’ Age Defying Lifespan

Ensign Magazines; Messages of the Lord

Families are Forever

Firing Squad

Food Storage

Ford Motor Company’s Interfaith Website

Foundation and Just the Facts of Mormonism


Genealogy & Mormonism

General Conferences 

God’s Condemnation on Sinners in Mormon Bible Videos

Good Morals Good Enough for Salvation?

Great Apostasy

Heavenly Mother

I am a Child of God

KJV Only or Not?

LDS Sunday School OT Lessons

Lies about Creation Told by Mormon Leaders

Man’s Sinful Nature

Missing Cross of Mormonism

Missionary Age Requirements Lowered 

Mormon Doctrine Challenge

Mormon Doctrine vs Mormon Gospel; What are the Differences?

Mormon Lifestyles & Women in Mormonism

Mormon Scripture; Solid Rock or Sinking Sand?

Mormons and Defensiveness

Mormons on the Internet

While encouraging members to go online for missions purposes they’re still told by leaders not to engage with “anti-Mormon” sites like this one you’re reading now.  Many Mormons have obviously not received the memo – PTL!

Here are a few things we’ve seen in the past couple of years.

Moroni, Town in the Comoros Islands

(Moroni) Angel of Light

Moroni: Who Was He?

Necromancy in LDS Family Film

Necromancy (What is)?

Nephi or Moroni – Who Visited Joseph? 

Oaths & Loyalty to Church Leaders

Prayer Life of Mormons

Praying for a Burning in the Bosom

Pre-existence in Mormon Terminology

Prophets of the LDS Church

Prophets and Prophecies in the Bible and Mormon Church

Restored Gospel Needed for Salvation

Reverence Mandatory in Church Meetings

Salt Sermon; Apostates Leave Immediately or Else

Seven Deadly Heresies and the Saints of Yesteryear

Spirit Babies

Sticks of Judah and Joseph

Study, Research & Investigate

Temple Jewelry Charms and Spiritual Discernment

Thought of the Day Did the Book of Mormon Overtake the Bible?

Tithing Slips

Why We Need Prophets

Why Would Mormons Lie?

World Religions & Mormonism Comparisons

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