mailbag2If you’re looking for e-mails that come in for LAM, you’ve come to the right page!  We’re listing a handful of what we receive to give the Christians and/or non-Mormons an inside look at how Mormons correspond with those who are considered ‘antis’.

We ask that as you read through these you’ll have empathy for those caught in the snares of Satan’s lies.  You’ll note that I don’t excuse their poor behavior, but I do understand it. While the vocabulary is less than stellar with some of them I just ask that you’ll keep me in mind.  I used to behave in the same manner.

Thanks and God bless!


1 Cor 1:18


Our Mailbag

E-mail, False Teaching July 2011

E-mail from Mormon; Why would they lie? August 2011

Mormon E-mails September 2011

Mormon E-mails November 2011


Thought of the Day & Mormon E-mails

Mormon E-mails October 3, 2012

Mormon E-mails October 8, 2012 (yes, there are more!)

Mormon E-mails October 17, 2012


Why the LDS Church is True (according to an e-mail I received) July 2013

Mormon E-mails October 2013

Experiencing God’s Grace November 1, 2013

E-mail from Mormon who left Church & accepted Jesus!

Mormon E-mails November 2013

Mormon E-mails November 2013 (Busy, busy, busy!)

Mormon E-mails December 2013 


Mailbag May 2014 – (hate mail from Mormons)

E-mail on Suicides

E-mail on Suicides, pt 2

Our ongoing e-mail exchange that went from a simple question to being accused of ‘sophistry’ to outright lying.

Mormon E-mail October 2014, pt 1

A Mormon who wrote in saying he’s a’ Christen’ and not Mormon refers to our site as ‘garbage’ and let’s us know our work won’t change people’s minds or the world.

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