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Here at LAM we’re always looking at the latest news put out by the Church so we can inform our readers what’s going on and in turn they have the tools to witness to their Mormon loved ones.

We’ll be listing Melissa’s Visiting Teaching Messages in conjunction with the LDS Presidency’s Messages and any other news they come out with here to make it easy when you want to know the latest!

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December 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

Jesus’ divine attributes of compassion & kindness were the topics of this month’s VT Message. Sadly, they overlooked the main subject matter with the biblical references they used and that is; Jesus is God.

November 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

Hands down, this is one of the worst talks given in Mormon history. Linda Reeves, 2nd counselor of the RS, told members their #1 priority was to help the Mormon god bring more babies into the world.

October 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

Charity and love were the topics of Jesus’ divine attributes for October. Can Mormons fully appreciate the message of charity and Jesus’ love if they have the wrong Jesus?

August 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

This month’s messages focuses on the divine attributes of being meek and humble.

Why is striving to be more like Jesus is used as a way to guilt people into following their gospel and the their prophet more than it is used as a way to encouraging them to follow Jesus.

July 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

Mercy and forgiveness is a free gift for the Christian, but in Mormonism you have to earn forgiveness. Why is that?

June 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

June was supposed to focus on the attribute of Christ and His virtue. However, the lesson was more about making sure you ‘garnish your thoughts with virtue’, instead of pointing out how or why Jesus is virtuous.

May 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

Can wedding bells solve your problems?

April 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

April was a continuation on the attributes of Christ. It was also a lesson of exhortation for members to be without guile. We’re wondering if they consider lying to potential converts as being without guile…

March 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

Why is patience an attribute of Jesus and why didn’t the Church describe this in their VT Message?

February 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

Why was Jesus sinless? Is it possible for man to live a sinless life?

January 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

This month’s lesson was supposed to focus on the attributes of Christ, but all we found is another list of things Mormons must do to be saved.


December 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

Is Jesus really the Prince of Peace for Mormons?

November 2014 Lies on Mormon Newsroom Website

Why has the Church told everyone they don’t believe men will get their own planet someday? This goes against everything they’ve taught!

November 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

Sustaining the prophets was the topic Melissa chose for this month’s subject matter. We have one question. How do you sustain a prophet when the Church has told us to disregard some of the teachings of past prophets?

October 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

Is Jesus really the bread of life for Mormons?

September 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

Is Jesus the comforter for Mormons today? How does he do this?

August 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

If Jesus is Savior then why are works for salvation necessary?

July 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

Is Jesus really the advocate for Mormons?

June 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

Why do Mormons consider themselves to be saviors of mankind? Isn’t that Jesus’ job?

May 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

Why would God want Mormon women to emulate Eve? An LDS apostle told female Mormons she should be their role model.  Really?

April 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

March 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

February 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

This month’s message focuses on Jesus being the Good Shepherd.  How can he be the Good Shepherd when forgiveness has to be earned and not granted just as salvation?

January 2014 Visiting Teaching Message


2013 LDS Christmas Devotional

December 2013 Visiting Teaching Message/Divine Mission of Jesus Christ

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ. Understanding the differences between the Jesus of Mormonism and Christianity.

November 2013 Visiting Teaching Message/Come Join with Us

“Come Join with Us” is the message that Melissa chose to look at since there isn’t any official Visiting Teaching msg this month because of the General Conference. Mr. Uchtdorf gives reasons why people should join Mormonism and also tells members why they should doubt their doubts.

October 2013 First Presidency Message/Our Responsibility to Rescue

October 2013 Visiting Teaching Message/Divine Mission of Jesus Christ; Creator

Divine Mission of Jesus Christ; Creator.  This is a watered down message of the Mormon Jesus, but Melissa gives the real details of what they believe and why they don’t tell the whole truth.

September 2013 Visiting Teaching Message/Self Reliance

Being spiritually and temporally self-reliant is a form of rejecting God!

August 2013 First Presidency Message/Giving Thanks to God

May 2013 Boy Scouts Lift Ban on Gay Membership


November 2012 Knowing Your Mormon Congressmen

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