Investigating Mormonism


For anyone thinking about joining Mormonism we highly encourage a healthy investigation into the basic beliefs as well as the history of the Church.  We thought we’d list a few of the beliefs, so here we go!

God was once a man who is now exalted TPJS, pg. 342 Numbers 23:19
God earned his way to godhood status Rational Theology, pg. 24-25 1 Sam. 15:29
God has a body of flesh and bones D&C 130:22 1 Tim. 6:16
God is known as Elohim and Heavenly Father EM, pg. 452 Gen. 1:26
God has countless wives The Seer, pg. 172 Is. 54:5
God has billions of children that were sexually begotten with one of his countless wives Gospel Truth, pg. 102 Jer. 31:32
God lives on a planet near the star “Kolob” Abraham 3:3 1 Cor.3:16
God had a father who had a father… HC 6:476-477 Is. 44:10
God organized the elements to form the earth TPJS, pg. 350 Gen. 1:1
There are countless other polygamous gods ruling their own planets AGQ 2:143 Ex. 20:3
God needed Satan to help implement the plan of salvation. 2 Nephi   /Moses 5:11 Rev. 20:10
Jesus is a created being MD, pg. 127 John 1:1, 14
Jesus answers to Adam TPJS, pg. 157 Matt. 12:36
Jesus was Married JD 2:82-83 Rom. 3:13
Jesus is a polygamist JD 2:210 Prov. 3:35
Jesus and God appeared to Joseph Smith to tell him all of Christianity was wrong JS Testimony 1:19 John 1:18, 6:46; Ex. 33:20
Jesus and Lucifer are brothers Jesus the Christ, pg. 8 Hebrews 1:5
Jesus born in Jerusalem, not Bethlehem like the Bible says Alma 7:10 Matt. 2:1
Jesus paid for sin in the Garden of Gethsemane,not on the cross, although that is where he died. 1 Nephi 11:33/D&C 19:18 John12:32
Jesus’ atonement cannot pay for all sins D&C 35:2D&C 85:11D&C 132:27 Rev. 5:9
Jesus created through a sexual union by God the Father Elohim and the Virgin Mary JD 8:115-116 Luke 1:35
Praying to Jesus and having a special relationship with Him is unnecessary and frowned upon. BYU Speech by Bruce McConkie 1982 John 15:15
Jesus is Jehovah of the Old Testament, but is only Jesus here on earth MD, pg.319 John 14:1
Jesus is everyone’s elder brother Gospel Through the Ages, pg. 21 Luke 8:19-21
Jesus was chosen as the savior Abraham 3:27-28 Matthew 24:24
Jesus won’t return in any year that has a rainbow. TPJS, pg. 340 Gen. 9:13
Jesus is not God, but a god Sermons of Melvin J. Ballard, pg. 227 Matt. 1:23
Jesus crucified for polygamy JD 1:346 Heb. 12:2
All mankind was created spiritually through a sexual union between heavenly father and one of his wives.  Our behavior there determined where we would be born, what race we would be on earth and at what time we’d be born and if we were born to Mormon parents. DS 1:65, MD, pg. 589, Gen. 2:7
Being black or having a dark skin here on earth is proof you were rebellious in the pre-existence when we all lived with God before coming to this earth. Life Before, pg. 91 Gen. 6:10
Man was born perfect and any sin committed was a type of defect of our divine nature. Moses 6:54 Rom 3:23, 5:12
Heaven has 3 levels; Celestial (highest), Telestial (middle kingdom) and the terrestrial kingdom (lowest).  Celestial kingdom is for those who’ve obtained true salvation and have the ability to become a god with their own planet.  Hell is not really taught about in Mormonism but it’s taught that those who have committed the 3 unpardonable sins will reside at judgment.  Those 3 things are blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, murder and apostasy against the One True Church – Mormonism. EM, pg. 259 Heb. 11:16
Salvation is obtained through works – you are “saved by grace after all you can do”. 2Nephi 25:23 Eph. 2:8-9
Salvation is only obtained after oaths in temple are taken DS 2:40, 56 Rom. 10:9
New Jerusalem is in Independence, Missouri D&C 57:2-5 Zech. 14:3-4
Adam lived in America JD 12:339 Gen. 2:10-14
Earth had a pre-existent life Doctrinal Themes of the D&C, pg. 36 Gen. 1:2
Bible isn’t always true AGQ 2:161 Is. 40:8
Joseph Smith’s consent needed to get into heaven JD 7:289 John 14:6
Adam had to sin to fulfill God’s command to multiply EM, pg. 16/AF, pg. 59 Titus 1:2
Everyone but Mormons are damned Encyclopedia of Joseph Smith’s Teachings, pg. 153 John 3:16-17

EM = Encyclopedia of Mormonism

AGQ = Answers to Gospel Questions

JD = Journal of Discourses

D&C = Doctrine and Covenants

DS = Doctrines of Salvation

TPJS = Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith

MD = Mormon Doctrine

HC = History of the Church