The subject of polygamy is wide and can be focused on many different time periods of Mormonism. We’ve collected everything we’ve written on this subject and put them in one landing page for easy reference!

19th Century Marriage Customs

Celestial Polygamy

Several LDS Church Authorities are sealed to more than one wife for eternity to fulfill the law of polygamy for godhood. A look at how the Church still practices polygamy without breaking the law.

Centennial Park on ABC News

Denials of Polygamy

Differences Between FLDS vs LDS

Is Your Neighbor a Polygamist?

Letters from ex-polygamist Mary Mackert to YFZ Ranch and Judge Walthers

No Polygamy in Heaven!

Mormonism, Polygamy and Stealing Wives

Polygamous Mormon Church Leaders & Their Wives

An Overview of Early Polygamist Mormons

Ezra T Benson

George Q. Cannon

William Clayton

Alpheus Cutler

Joseph Fielding

Heber J. Grant

William Adams Hickman

Orson Hyde

Aaron Johnson

Heber C. Kimball

John Doyle Lee

Amasa Mason Lyman

Joseph Bates Noble

Orson Pratt

Parley Parker Pratt

Willard Richards

Perrigrine Sessions

George A Smith

Hyrum Smith

John Smith

This John Smith is Hyrum Smith’s son

(Uncle) John Smith

This John Smith was Joseph & Hyrum Smith’s uncle.

Joseph Smith Jr

Joseph Fielding Smith Sr

William B Smith

Abraham Owen Smoot

Erastus Snow   

Lorenzo Snow

Edward Stevenson

Hosea Stout

John Taylor

Wilford Woodruff

Brigham Young   

Joseph Young

Lorenzo Dow Young

Polygamy Quotes

Saints of Polygamy

TLC Reality Shows

Breaking the Faith – New Show on TLC

Breaking the Faith – Salt Lake City

Escaping the Prophet

My Five Wives

US Government and Mormonism

A look at the history of Mormonism’s behavior towards the US and the laws against polygamy

Warren Jeffs – FLDS prophet & the YFZ Ranch

Warren Jeffs & His New Prophecy

Warren Jeffs & Joseph Smith Compared

Warren Jeffs & the Residual Fruits of Joseph Smith’s Religion

Warren Jeffs’ End-time Prophecy

Warren Jeffs Guilty!

Warren Jeffs Sentenced to Life + 20 Years

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