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2012 Elections; God is Still in Control!

Anti-Mormonism vs anti-Mormon

Anti-Mormonism in Mormon Terminology

Are They Watching You?

Atonement, Who Voided It?

Bible, New Common English Version

Blood Atonement Quotes

Book of Mormon Witnesses

Butch Cassidy and other Wanted Posters of Utah

Ed Decker: Beck and the NASB Bible

Ed Decker; Is this the Death Rattle of Mormonism?

Ed Decker: “My Kingdom Come”

Ed Decker Talks about Joel Olsteen’s Comment & Mormonism

Ed Decker The Apostate Mormon Church

Ed’s April 2014 Newsletter The Cursed Cross of Christ

Ed’s August 2014 Special Report – Islam says Death to All Jews

Ed’s September 2014 Newsletter – Funny You Should Mention That!

Elizabeth Smart, Mormonism and Polygamous Revelations

Follow the Prophet

Glenn Beck, Jewish Mormons Out to Change World

Glenn Beck & Liberty University 

Glenn Beck Speaks at Christian Church, Again

Graham Family & Mormonism

Harold Camping and Joseph Smith Compared

Harold Camping’s Prophecies

Harry Reid and Borders

Questions about Reid’s Rationalizing the American Borders and his life in Mormonism

Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court – March 2014

Hobby Lobby Update – July 2014

Jesus and the Cross

A look at the LDS children’s magazine “Friend” for April 2014. We’re wondering why the Church is becoming more friendly with the cross when they’ve rejected it throughout their history and even today.

Jesus’ Mission Field: 100 Miles

Joel Olsteen, Shame on You!

Joel Olsteen and Christianity Today

LDS Ex-Communication of Kate Kelly

The founder of ‘Ordain Women’ got the boot from the Church in June 2014 for her outspoken views of women in the Church

Lies Told by Mormon Leaders

Marie Osmond Remarries in Temple – Again

Mark Driscoll: Mormonism is a Cult

Marriage: One Man and One Woman

Mitt Romney and Mormon Ads

Mitt Romney and Pat Robertson

Mitt Romney, Islam and Mormonism

Mitt Romney, Polygamy and Racism

Mitt Romney’s Family

Mitt Romney’s Impact

Mitt Romney’s Religion

Mitt Romney’s and Billy Graham’s Integrity

Morals and Mormonism

Mormon Ad Campaign

Mormon Ad Campaign in Seattle

Mormon Ads and Getty Images

Mormons and Christmas

Mormons and Happiness

Thoughts on why Salt Lake ranked as 2nd happiest city in U.S.

Moroni and Cumorah

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Nauvoo Missions Report 2004

Nauvoo Missions Report 2005

Navajo Tribe & Mormon Missionary Efforts

New Women’s Meeting Announced

North Korea & Mormonism

Oliver Granger

Passion of the Christ

Power of Prayer

Praying for a Burning in the Bosom; Confessions of a 6th Generation Mormon

Ron Carlson’s Passing

Sharing Your Testimony Challenge

South Park – All about Mormons

True Christian Martyrs & Mormon Martyrs

The Mormon Historical Association’s annual meeting for 2014 hosted BYU’s Assoc. Professor Craig Manscill and his study on Mormons who died for the sake of Mormonism. Are they Christian martyrs?

Utah Hindu Fest

Uganda and Mormon Missionaries

Unequally Yoked

Utah Suicides and Vital Stats

Word Studies

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