LDS Canon

The canon of the LDS Church is made up of four books; the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price and the Bible as far as it is translated correctly.

The Book of Mormon consists of the writings of fifteen authors  who over the span of 1,000+ years wrote about the lives of inhabitants in Central and North America. Theirs is a chronological story of how an undocumented tribe of Israel calling themselves Nephites fled the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem in 600 BC and sailed to America. Each author offers a self-named book giving non-specific accounts of the life they lived, wars fought and the eventual demise of the white Nephites circa 421 AD with Moroni being the last Nephite warrior.

The Doctrine and Covenants is a compilation of prophecies delivered by Joseph Smith to the followers which eventually became canon. The last few sections of D&C were written as declarations the Church had stopped practicing polygamy (1890) and when they accepted blacks into the priesthood (1978).

The Pearl of Great Price contains Joseph Smith’s translation of some Egyptian papyri which is called the Book of Abraham. It also contains the Book of Moses which is an amalgamation of the “visions of Moses” and the book of Enoch which was intended to be an introduction to the book of Genesis.

The other books in the Pearl of Great Price include a rewrite of the book of Matthew from the Bible, Joseph Smith’s Testimony and the Thirteen Articles of Faith.

As mentioned earlier they “believe the bible as far as it is translated correctly” but the problem with that is they’ve never given a definitive description of which parts are incorrect.


Bible, Book of Mormon and LDS Scripture Compared

The Bible: Why Joseph Smith Hated the Word of God

LDS Comparison of:

The Bible and the Book of Mormon Part 1  

The Bible and the Book of Mormon Part 2

Book of Abraham

8th Article of Faith

Facsimile 1

Facsimile 2

Facsimile 3

Thirteen Articles of Faith

14 Articles of Faith?

Book of Mormon

11 Book of Mormon Witnesses 

116 Lost Pages of the Book of Mormon

600 BC in the Middle East and the Book of Mormon

American Revivals & the Book of Mormon

And It Came to Pass

20% of the verses in the BoM contain this phrase.  Why is that?

Book of Mormon the American Bible?

Book of Mormon and View of the Hebrews Parllels

Side-by-side comparison of these two books shows Ethan Smith’s work was probably one of the inspirations for Joe Smith’s Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Authorship

Book of Mormon Archaeology

Book of Mormon Basics

Book of Mormon Changes to “Cursed” Lamanites

Book of Mormon Changes to Introduction

Book of Mormon Chronology

Book of Mormon Evidence

Book of Mormon Fullness of the Gospel?

Book of Mormon Geography Problems

Book of Mormon Inspired of God? Difficulties in the BoM

Book of Mormon Lands Conference 2014

Book of Mormon Problems with Missing Chapters of Alma

Book of Mormon Translation

Burning in the Bosom

Changes to LDS Scripture???

Coincidences in the Book of Mormon

The coincidences in the Book of Mormon to historical events in early Americana culture would be funny if not so tragic. From Captain Kidd’s buried Treasure, the Comoros Islands, the city of Moroni, George Washington’s personal letters to the Canadian government, and the activities of the Masonic Lodge from the 17th to 19th centuries somehow all made it into the story line in the Book of Mormon.  Coincidence? Yeah, probably not…

Contradictions Between Bible and Book of Mormon

Golden Plates of Mormonism

Inspired Scripture; Man Makes Gold?

Jesus in the Book of Mormon

One Reason Why the Book of Mormon is Not Inspired of God

Smithsonian Response to Book of Mormon

Solomon’s & Nephi’s Temples Compared

Take Away the Book of Mormon & “We have no religion”

The Bible and Another Gospel

The Trouble with the Book of Mormon 

Translating Golden Plates

Trusting God’s Word not Possible for Mormons

Demonic and Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon Series

Demonic Names

Demonic Names 2

Demonic Names 3


Foundation of the Book of Mormon Series 

Archaeology Problems in Book of Mormon (Foundation Series)

Atonement in the Book of Mormon (Foundation Series)

100 Word Sentences in Book of Mormon (Foundation Series)

Plagiarism in the Book of Mormon (Foundation Series)

Poor Grammar in the Book of Mormon (Foundation Series)

Questionable Teachings in Book of Mormon (Foundation Series)

They Fell to the Earth (Foundation Series)

Greek and Latin Words in the Book of Mormon Series 

Greek in Book of Mormon 1

Greek in Book of Mormon 2 (Smith’s Claims)  

Greek in Book of Mormon 3 – Just How Many Words?  

Greek in Book of Mormon 4 – A Look at Smith’s Authority 

List of Greek and Latin Words in the Book of Mormon PDF

Hinckley’s Challenge: Study the Book of Mormon

In August 2005 the late Mormon prophet Gordon B. Hinckley issued a challenge for all members of the Mormon Church. He wanted everyone to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. Telling the devoted members they could achieve this if they read just one to one and a half chapters a day.

So we took Mr. Hinckley up on his challenge and posted our insights about our experience on the site.

Nephi’s Reign

Nephi and Jacob

Musings of Jacob and Enos

Letters of Jarom

The Rise and Death of King Mosiah

The Confusion of Alma

More Confusion of Alma

The Continuing Confusion of Alma

Helaman, the Book of Questions

Saga of Nephi

Nephi, Amos, Amos Jr, Ammoron and Mormon

Mormon the Martyr

Ether, Out of Place and Time

Moroni and God’s Broken Promises

Interesting Facts of the 3-in-1 Series 

Interesting Facts of the 3-in-1

Interesting Facts Part 2 – 3 days of darkness, Jews speaking Egyptian… 

Interesting Facts Part 3 – Quoting Jesus in 90 BC, Jews eat swine, Eve thanks God for sinning 

Interesting Facts Part 4 – Jesus is God, Dead people repent   

Interesting Facts Part 5 – Born perfect, Jesus says no to food storage, Keep Law of Moses & believe in Jesus  


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