Joseph Smith Jr

The legacy of Joseph Smith has left an indelible mark upon many in the past two centuries and time has proven the life he lived and the god he introduced isn’t without controversy.

From polygamy and man’s godhood status to his views on the Bible, race and women; Smith’s interpretation of these things were diametrically opposed to everything historical Christianity knew and embraced.

Here are some highlights on the history of Joseph Smith and Mormonism.

77 Descriptions of Joseph Smith

All Because of Joseph

Angels with Flaming Swords and Joseph Smith

Anniversary of Joseph Smith’s Death

False Prophet Joseph Smith

Family of Joseph Smith

Final Week of Jesus and Final Week of Joseph

First Vision of Joseph Smith

Following Joseph Smith

Fulfillment of Scripture in Joseph?

Greatest American of All Time?

 History of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

Joseph Smith and Jesus Compared

Joseph and Lucifer Compared

Joseph Smith, Magic, Masonry and the Occult

Joseph Smith a Martyr? 

Joseph Smith, Nephi and Moroni

Joseph Smith, Polygamy and Under Age Girls

Joseph Smith the Translator

A look at Smith’s translations of the Kinderhook Plates, the Greek Psalter, Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham and anything else he tried to pass off as a message from God.

Joseph Smith’s Angelic Visitations

Joseph Smith’s Bankruptcy Fraud

Would a true prophet commit fraud?

Joseph Smith’s Problem with the Word of Wisdom

The one person in the early church who had the biggest problem keeping this commandment was none other than Joe Smith. Why is that?

Joseph Smith’s Violent Behavior

A chronological look at Smith’s behavior and the way he acted out over the years.

Joseph Smith’s Witchcraft, Scrying and Arrest 1820-1827

Just what was Smith doing between his 1st vision to the time he received the plates? Are his claims reliable?

Joseph Smith’s Problem with the Trinity

Joseph Smith and Warren Jeffs Compared

Joseph the Translator

The LDS Church’s 2013 explanation of how Joe Smith translated the golden plates

Life of a Prophet & Joseph Smith

Salem Witch Trials & Joseph Smith’s Family

“Smithmas” – Whom Do You Worship?

The Many Visions of Joseph Smith

Smith’s first vision, angels with flaming swords demanding polygamous lifestyles, Joseph Smith and Solomon Chamberlain’s similar visions and then there’s Moroni…or was it Nephi…

Why Joseph Hated the Bible 

Will the Real Joseph Smith Please Stand Up

Wives  of Joseph Smith’s PDF

Wives  of Joseph Smith through the Eyes of a Modern Convert  (Melissa)

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