Christianity and Mormonism; How Mormons Feel about the Body of Christ

We receive e-mails all the time asking us why we attack Mormonism the way we do. In reply to that question I have to say that defending the faith as the Bible tells us to do in Jude 3 isn’t attacking Mormonism.

For those of us who were once Mormon it’s difficult to sit on the sidelines and not do something.  One of the things we can do is publicly warn the body of Christ about the dangers of Mormonism, thus our ministry here.

Mormonism is not a Christian denomination. It has categorically rejected the label while pulling itself away from being either Protestant or even Catholic and has definitively classified itself on many occasions as a non-Christian church.

If we truly hated the Mormon people we wouldn’t spend the time nor the energy on such a venture, alas, our Lord has called us because we do care and deeply at that.

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