People ask us all the time if Mormonism is a cult and in short we have to say yes, it is a cult. When witnessing to a Mormon I’d refrain from using that term unless of course they ask you about it.

We’ve listed a few articles in this section to explain how cults work and why the Mormon Church qualifies as such.

When I was a Mormon the term cult was highly offensive and I’d immediately cut off any conversation with people who accused me of being a cultist.  Finally after many Christians from all over the States and Europe had witnessed to me I got the courage to ask a friend stateside if I was in a cult. She asked me if I’d ever heard of the word Trinity and that’s all it took for me to finally leave.

The first article is a bullet point document I wrote while listening to an old tape of Walter Martin giving a presentation on why Mormonism is a cult. The other articles are on the behavior of other cultists who demanded blood oaths and loyalty compared with Mormonism and lastly I’ve posted a discussion I had with a group of Mormons on why they’ve secluded themselves from society with total devotion to their leader.  Their answers are sad and disturbing showing they have no concept of the true God.



  1. Tracy Johnson

    get the godmakers by Ed Decker… who was an active mormon for 40 years…also…kingdom of the cults by Dr. walter Martin…also… early mormonism and the magical world view by DR quinn..who was a professor at BYU until this book was published… then he was excommunicated…also… anything by shawn mccraney.. who was also an active mormon for 40 years…and sandra tanner.. who is actually related to brigham young… jus tto name a few….these are all excellent sources of information on the true teachings and doctrines of mormonism that members and missionaries try really hard to hide!!!

    • John Roberts

      Your comments make little sense, Tracy. Only a fool would judge a religion based on the testimonies of its critics. I’ve been LDS for more than forty years, myself, and I’ve seen the movie, have met and spoken to Quinn, listened to Shawn McCraney too often to count (though I don’t anymore) and have read the Tanners as well as “Dr.” Walter Martin. Of them all, the Tanners were the most intellectually honest anti-Mormons in my opinion. Quinn was excommunicated, I think, for moral issues and McCraney is simply an embittered convert to fundamental Christianity. The Godmakers is a cartoon! It’s been widely condemned by the mainstream Christian community because it’s intentionally deceptive, as are most of “Dr.” Martin’s writings.

      To judge the church by its critics is ridiculous. Is that how you would judge Christianity? I hope not. Years ago I had a professor who was an atheist, and he thought everyone else should be one, too. He was a hard charger and succeeded in leading many away from Christ. And he did it just as many of your sources did. You ought to study anti-Christianity sometimes. It’s very similar to anti-Mormonism.

  2. James

    I would love to meet this group of Mormons you label
    As having secluded themselves from the world and their total devotion to their leader….

    Any actual Mormon who has a testimony doesn’t seclude them self from the world or blindly follow direction from their leaders.

    Anyone who has actually bothered to read the bible would understand a few basic concepts such as the basic fact Christ organized his church and called prophets. At no point is there any indication that Christ revealed that was no longer needed to guide his children, unless your one of those folks who takes the scripture in Revelations as a end to prophetic revelation when the exact same scripture exists in the Old Testament making it clear it is a reference to the book in which it is contained.

    Maybe while your at it you could explain how a book compiled by men who claimed no divine revelation in compiling it is the one and only source of direction from God? Of course let’s face it there is no explanation for that just like there’s no explanation for a stack of biblical references in the New Testament that contradict many mainstream Christian ideas

  3. rose harris

    the church is the biggest fraud ever pulled..nothing true about it..there all about money,,,yours in there pocket..but since the inter net we are getting free..thank you al gore for inventing it..the church is racest cult.. book of Mormon false priest hood junk..temples control over your life…but we are free thank you jesus christ

  4. John Roberts

    It’s strange, but the term “cult” was widely used by the Romans and Greeks to describe early Christianity. They also were widely accused of secrecy and the mysticisms of the occult. Sound familiar? It’s amazing the lengths of hypocrisy people go through, believing all the sordid accusations of anti-Mormons while defending their own beliefs against anti-Christians.

    Regardless of how many times the Lord has tried to work through mankind, it’s always opposed, sometimes by people who oppose it thinking they’re acting in God’s name. To be in that group would be my worst nightmare.

    • Jonathan Stewart

      Walter Martin is intentionally deceiving? Let me ask, was Paul correct in attacking the early Christians as being followers of a heretical cult? Why or why not?

    • Jonathan Stewart

      Walter Martin is intentionally deceiving? Let me ask, was Paul correct in attacking the early Christians as being followers of a heretical cult? Why or why not?

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