An article in the Salt Lake Tribune on October 14, 2017provided some interesting info on the yearly salaries of Church leaders in SLC.

$120,000 per person across the board, plus housing. For some in leadership, housing includes a $1m+ apartment suite in downtown SLC, and others are stipend  accordingly. The shocking thing about this is who exactly qualifies. If you believe it’s just the apostles, think again.

The steep salaries are given to no less than 158 people who comprise the top echelon of Mormonism. This, according to LDS Church Spokesman Craig Hawkins, is the standard for those in the GA (General Authorities). In an article from the Salt Lake Trib in January 2017, he provided the following statement –

“The living allowance is uniform for all general authorities [including First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, First and Second Quorums of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric].”’

In the October 2017 article, the Trib also quoted D. Michael Quinn, (excommunicated LDS BYU Professor), who made the following observations in his third installment of his ‘Mormon Hierarchy’ trilogy –

‘Quinn estimates — and estimating is about the best even a top-notch researcher can do — the church took in about $33 billion in tithing in 2010, based on a model of projected growth rates that followed a consistent pattern starting in the 1950s. It earns another $15 billion annually, he says, in returns on its profit-making investments. (The Bloomberg Businessweek piece from five years ago cited an investigation pegging the LDS Church’s worth at $40 billion.)’

Bottom Line –

The total number of people receiving a salary of $120,000+ is 158 people.

Here’s the breakdown of who gets what –

First Presidency = the top 3 apostles (Monson, Eyring, and Uchtdorf)

Twelve apostles

First Quorum of the Seventies

Second Quorum of the Seventies

Presiding Bishopric (Causse`, Davies, & Waddell)

According to the Church, salaries paid to General Authorities aren’t taken from the tithes of Mormon people. The only thing we can say to that is ‘…okay…’ because as the articles above have noted, the Church hasn’t opened its books to the public since 1959.

Who’s really to know where the money comes from when they’ve declared they’re an autocratic institution?

From reports I’ve read on other sites the Church’s giving doesn’t reflect the millions they’ve taken in with estimates anywhere from 1.3% – 1.5%, at the highest amount.

The purpose of our reporting this information?

To get the truth out. Many Mormons believe, and still claim, that no one in the Church is paid. This is the proof those statements are wrong, and it came directly from the Church.

The only way to look at their grand total is to see it as bribery money. If you don’t pony up, you don’t receive a true Mormon salvation. It’s heartbreaking!

As an FYI – someone e-mailed suggesting they’d like us to publish a list of the GA’s and their past work experience. We have a partial list of this in our LDS Apostles series, and working on expanding it. Many of those who are now apostles, etc., have extensive backgrounds in business executive leadership roles, but nothing in theology. This too, is sad and very telling…