Worst of the Worst Mormon Quotes 2

05 June

1000-mormon-quotes1Here’s part two of the long overdue Worst of the Worst Mormon Quotes. This edition contains roughly 45-50 quotes we’ve seen in the past two years that were outrageously blasphemous.

As I mentioned in our last edition in 2014, I don’t post these things to be sensationalistic. The Church doesn’t need the competition, and quite frankly, that type of thing isn’t my style. Neither am I here to bash the Mormons, whom I consider to be my people. I love them dearly, and it breaks my heart to see the heretical things the leaders say.

I, along with the rest of my team at LAM, pray the Mormon people will come to a saving knowledge of Christ, and know Him as each of us do. I’ve no doubt Mormons love Jesus, but oh how it’s the wrong one!

Once again, we hope as you read over the titles of these quotes, you’ll ask yourself if this is biblical. If it’s not then there’s a huge problem!

Adam Baptized by a Spirit – Marion Romney

Anti-Polygamy Teachings ‘As Dark as Midnight’ – Orson Pratt

Brigham Young Will Be US President – Heber C Kimball

Christian God is Mormon Devil – Brigham Young

Christians are Pagans, Christian God is Powerless, Christians are Whoremasters –

Christianity v. Mormonism

Don’t Share Gospel with Black Slaves – Doctrine and Covenants

Elijah, Moses and John are Angels on Other Planets – Richard Lloyd Anderson

Eve Gave Life to Eternal Gods – Eliza Snow

Every Bible Verse Corrupted According to Mormons – Orson Pratt

God Born of a Woman – Joseph F. Smith

God Never had Power to Create Spirit of Man – Joseph Smith

God Once in a Fallen State, Begotten by an Ancient Father God – Orson Pratt

Holy Ghost a Son of God – Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Daniel Ludlow

Holy Ghost is Father of Jesus, God is Procreating Personage – Carfred Broderick

How God Became God – C.W. Stayner

Interracial Progeny are Feeble Minded – Stephen Richards

Jesus Filled with Divine Fluid of the Holy Spirit – Parley Parker Pratt

Joe Smith Fulfilled More Prophecy than Entire World Combined – D&C Student Manual 

Joe Smith is Head of Mormon Church, not Jesus – Doctrine & Covenants

Joseph Smith’s Black Servant in Heaven

JST is 1,000 Times Better than Other Bibles – Bruce McConkie

Justification by Faith Alone a Pernicious Doctrine – James Talmage

Kill Thieves on the Spot – Brigham Young

Living Oracles More Important Than God’s Word – Merrill, Benson, Woodruff

Marriage, Procreation More Important than Jesus – Building an Eternal Marriage Manual

Mary’s Divine Attributes Preserved Jesus’ Godhood – Ezra Taft Benson

Mormon Heaven = Eternal Begetting – Orson Pratt

Mother Eve is Daughter of Father Adam – Wilford Woodruff

Motherhood Mandatory for Salvation – J. Reuben Clark

Orson Pratt’s False Prophecy; Satan Won

Polygamy to Remove Curse of Original Sin – George Q. Cannon

Punishment for Non-Valiant is Earthly Disability – Harold B. Lee

Retribution for Traitors of Mormonism: Sanctification Means Wiping All Unclean Females Out Of Existence Prayers For Their Damnation, Traitors Punished, Properties Confiscated – Heber C. Kimball 

Salvation Through Joseph Smith – George Q. Cannon

Scriptures Cannot Save – Brigham Young

Song of Solomon not Inspired – Joseph Smith

Bruce McConkie: Song of Solomon is Biblical Trash

Spirit of Man Contaminated Upon Birth

Star Gazing Outweighs Written Books – Joseph Smith

Temple Work More Powerful Than Jesus – Boyd K. Packer

The Day Michael the Archangel Morphed into Adam – Hugh Nibley

The Mormon God’s Choice of a Redeemer Son – Bruce McConkie

Unmarried Men Caused Polygamy – Brigham Young

Joseph Smith Killed for Being Virtuous

We don’t look back to a dead day or past people for salvation – Bruce R. McConkie

We help Heavenly Father Create Bodies for Spirit Children – Procreation is Plan of God – Jesus’ Atonement Bears no Scars – October 2015 General Conference

Whited Sepulchres Mormons Don’t Accept Blood of Black People – J. Reuben Clark

Women with Noisy Kids are Uncivilized – Brigham Young

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