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There are plenty of ways to fight against Mormonism. Of course, praying for the release of the Holy Spirit in your neighborhood should be the obvious start.  But what do you do to get the real Saints equipped (and we’re not talking about latter-day saints).

Life After Ministries would like to host a workshop at your church instructing and teaching your congregation on the pitfalls of Mormonism.  Just as important is the urgent need to teach the church how to care for the lost.  Did you know that 50% of all Mormon missionaries who are witnessed to by Christians leave the church after the mission?  Couple that with the fact that Jesus said to leave the 99 and tend to the one lost sheep, and the church has its mandate.

So how does a ministry light a fire in the Church to see the mission field of Mormons in their own communities? Well the fact is, we can’t.  Not without your help. You have to see the need and God’s heart for these lost ones.  Know that God grieves over an enemy who prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.   

But it doesn’t end there.  Are you about to let the enemy just come in and take over your neighborhood without a fight?  You must know this and know it well. The Mormons are sending their missionaries to your community. They are people just like us, only unsuspecting, who are falling for all the lies, no matter how sincerely delivered.

That’s where Life After Ministries comes in. LAM would like to host a workshop in your church to help raise up a congregation that is not afraid to talk to Mormons…and better yet–is proactive in their communities before the missionaries come in to your neighborhoods.  You must fight fire with fire. You must know how to draw the battle lines so the enemy cannot take your neighbors to hell.

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  1. n

    Wow only satan could inspire such bigotry.

    • LifeAfter

      “N” –
      What exactly have we said or done that is bigoted?
      Know that we’re praying for you and hope to hear back from you!
      With Love in Christ;
      Michelle Grim
      1 Cor 1:18

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