General Conference, ‘The Marvelous Foundation of Our Faith,’ October 2002

 …They came, both of Them, that Joseph saw Them in Their resplendent glory, that They spoke to him and that he heard and recorded Their words—of these remarkable things we testify.
I knew a so-called intellectual who said the Church was trapped by its history.
My response was that without that history we have nothing.
The truth of that unique, singular, and remarkable event is the pivotal substance of our faith.  But this glorious vision was but the beginning of a series of manifestations that constitute the early history of this work.
As if that vision were not enough to certify to the personality and the reality of the Redeemer of mankind, there followed the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Here is something that a man could hold in his hands, could “heft,” as it were. He could read it. He could pray about it, for it contained a promise that the Holy Ghost would declare its truth if that witness were sought in prayer….” – Gordon B. Hinckley [emp. mine]

Acts 4:12; “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

How terribly awful it is for the people who listened to, and still believe this man’s words. Notice he didn’t say, “without Jesus we have nothing”.

No, this so-called prophet of God said that without Joseph Smith’s vision they have nothing.  What else can be said other than remind everyone who considers Mormonism as a faith to follow – they’re not Christian.

While we’ve highlighted Mr. Hinckley’s statement before, we thought it’d be beneficial as a reminder of how things haven’t changed. At this past General Conference the message was all about following the Church’s leaders, and not to forget the only good testimony must include their church is the only true church on earth.

It’s been almost fifteen years since Hinckley’s talk, and they’re still not preaching Christ Jesus and Him crucified!

Pray with us won’t you?  Pray for God to open their eyes, and have mercy on their souls.

With Love in Christ, Michelle  †