The Only Wise God Jesus v. the Created Mormon Jesus

29 June

Jude 24-25; “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, 25 to the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.”

Think back to the time you were first saved. Do you recall how everything seemed new, and words of the Bible jumped off the page, demanding your immediate attention?

Like everyone else who becomes a believer, I couldn’t get enough of what the Lord had written 2,000 years earlier. My thirst for wanting more of Him seemed insatiable at times as I poured over epistles, gospels, and accounts of what took place marking the beginning of time.

Those first impressionable months left an indelible mark on my life, and Jude 24-25 happens to be one of the passages I read that stopped me in my tracks.

By simply reading my bible, I soon learned everything I knew in my 30 years of life was a lie. The more I studied, the more shocked I became by reading what God said about Himself, and what history revealed. One of those shocks came from Jesus’ half brother, Jude.

Five words from his epistle stood out as an announcement by declaring his brother’s true identity. It left no room for personal speculation, and yet provided a world of wondrous awe for God’s mercy. It also served as a confirmation I had done the right thing by leaving my once beloved heritage behind.

‘The only wise God our Saviour’

Clearly, Jude’s words tell us Jesus isn’t the biblical God of Mormonism. In Utah, I had been raised to believe Jesus was merely ‘a god’ who will someday inherit his own earth like this one.

‘He purchased the prize, acquired the prize, by giving his own sinless life; and his death was the death of a God…’ – Sermons and Missionary Services of Melvin J. Ballard, p. 227.

Jude’s statement also declared there’s only ONE God which means there’s no such thing as God having a father god, as I had been taught for thirty years.

The Seer by Orson Pratt, p. 132; “We were begotten by our Father in heaven; the person of our Father in Heaven was begotten on a previous heavenly world by His Father; and again, He was begotten by still a more ancient Father ….”

It dispels any and all theories Mormons can earn their way to godhood status.

Doctrine and Covenants 76:52, 58; “That by keeping the commandments they might be washed and cleansed from all their sins… 58 Wherefore, as it is written, they are gods, even the sons of God—”

So there wouldn’t be any confusion, Jude’s five words pointed out his half brother’s Divine nature in being the Savior for all of mankind.

Undeterred,, has attempted to send out the same message while ignoring the fact they’ve maligned the truth –

‘Jesus Christ: Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ saves us spiritually by providing repentance and forgiveness. He saves us physically by providing the resurrection. Because of this we refer to Him as our “Lord and Savior.” This title is central to His mission.’

In theory, those five words of Jude should change everything for Mormons, yet here we are today.

If the Mormon Jesus isn’t the only God, their savior isn’t the one Jude was talking about in his epistle. Compounding the problem of the false doctrines we’ve seen today is the overriding issue of Mormonism at large.

Their false belief that a complete apostasy eclipsed all of Christianity is proven false by many determining evidences, one of which is seen in Jude’s epistle. While there were false teachers around, it doesn’t mean the gates of hell prevailed against Jesus’ church. A great synopsis of Jude is seen in an article by Chuck Swindoll –

“Jude’s purpose in his letter was twofold: he wanted to expose the false teachers that had infiltrated the Christian community, and he wanted to encourage Christians to stand firm in the faith and fight for the truth. Jude recognized that false teachers often peddled their wares unnoticed by the faithful, so he worked to heighten the awareness of the believers by describing in vivid detail how terrible dissenters actually were. But more than simply raising awareness, Jude thought it important that believers stand against those working against Jesus Christ. Believers were to do this by remembering the teaching of the apostles, building each other up in the faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, and keeping themselves in the love of God (Jude 1:17, 20–21).”

For more info see Chuck Swindoll, Insight for Living Ministries

As you meet with your Mormon friends and loved ones, be sure to ask for their opinion about Jude’s epistle! They may seem angry and feel like you’re intruding upon them, but it gives them something to think about later.

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