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Life After Ministries


Welcome to our site and resource center for Life After Ministries.

At Life After Ministries, our goal is to lovingly help lead innocent followers of the Mormon Church out of the maze of lies that steal their salvation from Jesus and put into the hands of the enemy

Life After Ministries will seek to minister and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with individuals who have largely been associated with cults at some point and time in their lives.  The ministry will assist individuals by sharing with them that Jesus Christ is God, and how certain teachings they have received in the past, differ with the teachings and meaning of the bible–twisting its meaning in the process.

Some of the programs that Life After Ministries will offer include:

Exit Counseling
One-on-one or group ministry
Private counseling
Teaching Materials
Mentoring Programs
Family Networking

Life After Ministries will use its associations with Churches all over North America to reach out to these families and individuals as well as by using the Internet, email and traditional marketing methods of building up a database of contacts and networks.







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