Which Mormon Prophet is Telling You the Truth?

06 December

Topic: Qualifications to Become Sons of God

10th LDS Prophet/President Joseph Fielding Smith

Joseph Fielding SmithDoctrines of Salvation 3:250; “Now they who enter into the terrestrial kingdom, and they who enter into the telestial kingdom will not be sons of God in the sense in which this term is used here. Of course we are all the children of God, every soul on the earth; we are His offspring, but in the great kingdom that shall be established in exaltation, all who receive exaltation will become sons of God, joint heirs with Jesus Christ and entitled to all the privileges and all the blessings of the Fathers kingdom. What a wonderful privilege that is! This blessing will not come to the inhabitants of the telestial and the terrestrial worlds. (Conference Report, April 1942, p. 28; emphasis added) We are taught that we are the offspring of God, yet only those who obey will be called the sons of God and the children of God.” – Joseph Fielding Smith

16th LDS Prophet/President Thomas S. Monson

Thomas MonsonGeneral Conference, General Priesthood Session, ‘Obey the Commandments,’ October 2015; “…I testify that all of us are beloved sons of our Father in Heaven…” – Thomas Monson

Galatians 3:26; “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.” [emp. mine]



Which prophet do you believe?

If you say Mr. Monson, does that mean Mr. Smith is a false teacher?

Do you believe what God said through His apostle Paul? If so, then what does that mean about the LDS teachings?

You see, in Mormonism, everyone is a child of God in the sense that everyone was begotten as spirits before we came here to earth as a result of a sexual union between the Mormon god, and one of his heavenly goddess wives.

The LDS prophet, Joseph Fielding Smith, was saying we become sons (or daughters) of the Mormon god when proven worthy to be as such. Being found worthy comes as a result of works performed in Mormon temples.

Therefore, being a child of God is distinct and separate from being a son  (or daughter) of the Mormon god. So, ask yourself –

What does Paul’s teaching mean to you now?

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