Did LDS Church spokesman says there are no polygamous marriages in heaven?

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Today I read my Google alert e-mail informing me of an article in the Washington Post about a reporter at the Salt Lake Tribune (Helen Radkey) being a source of contention for the Mitt Romney campaign.

I’m always intrigued when Ms. Radkey publishes any article because it’s usually an eye-opener for those who want the latest news on what the Mormon Church is doing behind the scenes. She seems to have an uncanny way of rooting things out and sharing her findings with the public.

So when I came across this article I was expecting to read of the impact she was having upon the Romney campaign and much to my surprise I was taken down another path that should be shocking to anyone who has anything to do with Mormonism.

Tucked in the many descriptions of Radkey was this statement:

“The church insists that there is no polygamy in the afterlife. “We believe that marriage is the most important relationship in this life and can continue after this life when performed in a temple. Temple marriages — also known as sealings — are performed only for those married in this life,” said Michael Purdy, a church spokesman.”

Kirk and I are wondering if Joseph and Brigham were made aware of this!!

Why haven’t they rewritten D&C 132 yet?

In addition to that profound statement was the other interesting tidbits of info Radkey dropped while being interviewed by the Washington Post.

The Church has also posthumously baptized Gabriel Lalemant, a 17th-century Canadian Jesuit. Sounds like they’re performing the works that Lucifer wanted to do in the pre-existence (Pearl of Great Price, Moses 4:1). Does the Catholic Church know this guy isn’t a Jesuit priest now? What about his family?

You knew I wasn’t going to leave the article in the Washington Post without commenting on something about Romney so here’s what I found rather interesting. It seems Romney can’t keep his stories straight. A couple of weeks ago he had nothing but praise for the faith of his fathers and this week we find that his views on the faith aren’t all that great.

According to Radkey, Romney thinks polygamy is “bizarre and awful”. If that’s true then how do you go about aligning yourself with Mormonism? This is after all the very “plan of salvation” and “living your religion” in Mormonism.

I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard on these subjects so stay tuned! If anyone out there has heard the Church doesn’t believe in plural marriages in the Celestial Kingdom send us an e-mail with documented, official Church teachings on this – please!

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim

1 Cor. 1:18