Warren Jeffs Sentenced!!

09 August

Life Plus 20 Years!!

Utah and Arizona should meet up with the prosecutors of Texas and learn a thing or two of how to prosecute an egregious crime against children.

Today Warren Jeffs received a life sentence plus twenty years for the sexual assault of a child.  Five other men are still awaiting trial for various charges and prosecutors have not ruled out pressing charges against the women who knew of or took part in the atrocities on the YFZ ranch.

Someone commented in our chat room that Jeffs is nothing like his father Rulon Jeffs and does not represent what “normal” is in the FLDS.  To some extent I agree.  I didn’t know his father but I do know several people who grew up in the FLDS when Rulon ruled.

Warren Jeffs is a sick, perverted individual and he’s getting his just reward here on earth, but don’t be fooled, his behavior is a symptom of what goes on in the polygamous cult.

The Texas Attorney General announced on the show “In Session” this afternoon that he will be looking into the prosecution of anyone who is either abusing children in addition to practicing polygamy.  The people on the ranch should either start packing their bags or stop practicing their evil deeds while cloaked in the American flag.

Rulon Jeffs may not have been participating in outrageous behavior in a baptismal font, but the teachings of the FLDS still believe in polygamy.  Salt Lake City should be ashamed that this is the residual fruit of their beloved prophet and members of the mainstream Mormon Church should start wondering why they’re not wrong but everyone else is.

Joseph Smith married children as young as 14.  Ironically, not one single Mormon thinks twice about his outrageous behavior or sees him as a pedophile as they do Warren Jeffs and I have to ask why.

The average age of a bride in the mid 1800’s was 20-22 years old.  It was highly unusual if someone under the age of 18 got married and Smith had a harem of young women he married, not to mention all those that were of legal age.

Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray for those still caught in the snares and for those  who’ve escaped to provide a way for them to reach back to their loved ones and provide a way out.

Michelle Grim

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