PolygamistsTonight (4/3/2013) ABC News did a five minute blurb on the power Warren Jeffs still has on his followers in the Mormon polygamist group, Fundamental Latter-day Saints.

Time hasn’t changed or healed the wounds of the heretical teachings of polygamy and neither has it changed the minds of those who grasp tightly onto its slippery past while they try to maintain some sort of normalcy in an insane ideology.

Clad in prairie style dresses hide the broken hearts of humanity. Is this what God had in mind for His “everlasting covenant”? When the simplistic farm boy of upstate New York penned out his idea of truism, the die was cast for those who had the misfortune of being born into the group of castaway Mormonism.

Word on the street is that funds are so low they’re surviving on beans and water. While Jeffs ordered that less than two dozen men were allowed the privilege of procreating for the group, the risk of birth defects from inbreeding is raised to another dangerous level.

There is so much more that can be said about this so we’ll be highlighting some of the polygamous teachings in the forthcoming weeks.  We have to ask…if this is truly ordained of God then why do we see things like this?

Pray, please pray for these dear people.  Pray for the hardened hearts to be softened and for their ears to be ready to hear what outsiders might have to share with them.  Allow the examples of those who’ve left give others the strength to do the same.

With Love in Christ;