Visiting Teaching MsgFor the month of October the visiting teaching message centers on Jesus being the bread of life in their daily lives.  In John 6:35 we read:

And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

As I think about and read over this verse the words “I am” stand out to me. Here Jesus is declaring who He is, as He’s done with many “I am” passages thought the New Testament.

Jesus wants us to rely on him for all our needs whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual, but do Mormons really do that?

The message states that, “As we understand that Jesus Christ will provide for our needs, we will turn to Him for our spiritual sustenance.”

They may want Jesus to be their all and all, but do their actions show it? I think the best way to determine this is take a look at how they view salvation. Is the ability for them to live with God for eternity based on the work Jesus Christ did on the cross alone, or are there other factors needed as well?

If they were to be truly honest with themselves they would say that Jesus isn’t enough, nor does he provide all they need. If they were to be truly honest about what they are taught to believe they would also have to acknowledge that the Church plays a huge role in providing for their greatest “need” of all, which to be exalted to godhood status.

It’s their desire to look outside of Jesus and all He has done for their salvation that exposes what they believe in their heart of hearts about His mission and ministry on earth.

In Christ,
Melissa Grimes (

Visiting Teaching Message