Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Ensign, ‘That They May Be One,’ July 2017

As noted above, the title of June’s Visiting Teaching Message is, ‘That They May Be One’. As the saying goes, this is ‘one of those’ in the annals of LDS teachings that’s filled with misinterpretations, and misapplications of His word.

There were two important teachings, and three pivotal comments in this lesson that were so bad, we’re taking a quick look at them here. When you have the opportunity to speak with your Mormon loved ones, share your thoughts, and ask for their opinion!

This teaching was heavy on the road trip of guilt and shame, as it detoured around the true meaning of Jesus’ obedience to the Father.

Their comments and our questions are below –

“Jesus achieved perfect unity with the Father by submitting Himself, both flesh and spirit, to the will of the Father,” taught Elder D. Todd Christofferson”.

This was a poor choice of words to use when describing Jesus’ submission to the Father! The reason they’ve phrased it this way is because of their belief that Jesus is a lesser god in their pantheon of Mormon gods.

Yes, Jesus always lived in perfect unity with the Father and gave of Himself in perfect submission, even to death on the cross. Philippians 2:8. The word ‘achieved’ makes it sound as if he was trying to reach the next level in his quest for Mormon godhood.

Mr. Christofferson further stated that Mormons won’t achieve being ‘one with God and Christ’ in a day.

“… Surely we will not be one with God and Christ until we make Their will and interest our greatest desire. Such submissiveness is not reached in a day, but through the Holy Spirit, the Lord will tutor us if we are willing until, in process of time, it may accurately be said that He is in us as the Father is in Him.”

This is a lie!

We are one with Him when we come to Him. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 to come to Him. It doesn’t mean He’ll meet you there after you’ve done this, or that. It means He’s right there, right now, awaiting your arrival!

You are one with Him when you go to Him, which in essence means you’re submitting to His will. And for the record, we do this continually throughout our lives, as we continue to grow closer and closer in our walk with Him.

Mr. Christofferson also said,

“as we endeavor day by day and week by week to follow the path of Christ, our spirit asserts its preeminence, the battle within subsides, and temptations cease to trouble.”

Question –

How do we submit ourselves to Him by asserting our preeminence?

The dictionary defines preeminence as being superior to others. This doesn’t make sense! If you’re truly walking with the Jesus of the Bible, the biggest temptation you’ll face is pride, and your desire to sin will dissipate if you’re truly following Him.

Believing that you’re superior should cause any believer distress, and has no business in the life of a true Christian!

Being one with Him entails following the true Jesus of the Bible, not obeying the prophet’s directives as the Church always tells their members to do.

Pray for everyone involved in this month’s Visiting Teaching. I can’t help but think of how my mother will be presenting this month’s lesson to those she visits…sigh…

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