Visiting Teaching MsgJuly’s message is about Jesus being our Advocate with God the Father.

This quote from D. Todd Christofferson is featured in the article, he says:

 “It is of great significance to me, that I may at any moment and in any circumstance approach through prayer the throne of grace, that my Heavenly Father will hear my petition, that my Advocate, him who did no sin, whose blood was shed, will plead my cause.”

Does he really understand what Jesus’ shed blood means not only to his relationship with the Father but to his salvation as well? Somehow I don’t think he does. Mormonism is based on a system of works which leads to righteousness. Think of it as climbing a ladder, with each good work and act of obedience to the Mormon gospel they can be cleansed of their sins and in the end receive exaltation.

So why do they need Jesus to be their Advocate if they possess the power and ability to deal with their sins all on their own? Furthermore, where does Mr. Christofferson believe He shed His blood, on the cross or in the Garden of Gethsemane?

While it’s true that Jesus is our Advocate, the Mormons miss the bigger picture; the whole reason He is our Advocate. If there was one thing we could do to save ourselves, and be cleansed of sin Jesus didn’t have to come, and there would be no need for Him to intercede for us before the Father.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes (


LDS Ensign July 2014