Visiting Teaching Message – August 2015

31 July

Visiting Teaching MsgThis month’s messages focuses on the divine attributes of being meek and humble.

It goes without saying that all followers of Jesus Christ should strive to develop these attributes and pursue His example, as we cultivate meekness in our lives and learn to be humble.

However, I can’t help but feel based on my own experiences in the Mormon Church, that striving to be more like Jesus is used as a way to guilt people into following their gospel and the their prophet more than it is used as a way to encouraging them to follow Jesus.

For example, let’s say the prophet makes an announcement during General Conference saying all church members shouldn’t watch television. If faithful Mormons choose to not obey and follow the prophet, they would be accused of not humbling themselves and submitting to the Lord’s servant. It wouldn’t matter if they felt the new commandment was silly or not.

In Mormonism humbling yourself in obedience to their doctrines and their prophets is what leads you to their view of salvation. Unlike in Christianity where humbling yourself before God and submitting your life to Jesus leads everyone to salvation and eternal life.

We should always humble ourselves to the authority of Jesus, he is our example. Sadly, all too often in Mormonism (and sometimes in Christianity) we see people desiring to follow and submit to mortal men and women, and teachings that aren’t found in the word of God.

As 1 Thessalonians 5:21 teaches we should test, prove, and examine all things according to God’s word.  Mormons are following after a false god, and a Jesus who can’t save them. They’ve submitted their lives in humility and meekness to a false gospel. It’s heartbreaking to see the zeal they have for something that doesn’t exist. My prayer for them is the same as always, that they will turn from Mormonism and truly humble themselves and turn their lives over to the one true God.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes


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