Hindu-Festival-of-Colors-5 2016I came upon an article in the Ogden Standard Examiner today and thought I’d share it here so you can pray for the people in my hometown! A link is provided at the end of this article if you’d like to read the full story.

This past weekend marked the second time my hometown of Ogden, Utah has hosted the Utah Krishna Consciousness movement, aka, “Festival of Colors”.

Unfortunately, people who live in my hometown give little to no thought to the activities they engage themselves in. The last time we looked at the Utah Hindu festivals we saw that many of those in attendance were in fact, members of the LDS Church.

The director of the Festival of Colors, Caru Das, said he wanted this to be a transformative, spiritual experience. He also mentioned the importance of understanding man isn’t a ‘byproduct of matter’, but ‘sparks from God’.

His statement caught my immediate attention because it’s exactly how LDS leaders have defined mankind. As late as last year at a General Conference talk Mary Wixom, LDS Primary President, reminded members about the ‘spark of divinity’ within each person. Continuing on with the false doctrines of man being God, Mr. Daus also mentioned the natures of both God and man are much the same, albeit man must ‘cultivate’ his/her spirituality.

Again, the two religions are very similar, so we’re praying it’ll give Mormons pause when they look at them side-by-side. Activities at the festival included the ever-popular ‘throwing of colors’ which is nothing more than throwing tinted cornstarch into the air at each other. If you’re like me, and wondering what purpose in life that serves, here’s what Pakhi Misra, a director of the Krishna Temple in Salt Lake City, said about it:

“…the Festival of Colors is about opening hearts. … When you are colored on the outside, your soul shines, because we are all the same here,” she said. “It doesn’t matter which religion or race you come from. At the end of it, we are all basically the same elements.”

Oh dear…this woman’s comments were very sad and unfortunately, her lies didn’t stop there because they were also hosting yoga classes as well. Pray with us that as they attended this menagerie of falsehoods it’s prompt them to stop and think about what’s wrong with both scenarios!

You can access the full story at the link here –

Ogden’s second ‘Festival of Colors’ celebrates spring and sprituality