UGANDA: Beware; the Mormons are Lying to You!!

I came across an article in the New York Times today written by Josh Kron which I found to be very enlightening indeed.  I thank Mr. Kron for his well written article that gave fantastic insight to the daily life for a Mormon missionary and I highly recommend you take a few minutes of your day to read it for yourself.

Now, here’s the problem: the missionaries lied on several occasions to the people they were proselytizing.  Good job guys.  I don’t recall reading even one time of Jesus doing that in the Bible so where are the “Christian” values coming from anyway?

I took a few of their quotes from the article so I could comment; read on!   My insight will be in red font:

The Ugandan man said to a missionary who was trying to talk to him: 

“I come from a Catholic foundation,” he says. “I accept Christ as my personal savior. How can you move me from that?”

“We are not here to move you to another church,” Elder Dangerfield explains, scampering behind him underneath a grove of banana trees. “We just want to share.”

LIES, LIES, LIES!!!!  If you’re not there to convert then why are you there?  While you were jamming out to your favorite rock star in Utah had you even heard of Uganda? 

Mormons are only one of a number of religious groups vying for local hearts and minds in this predominantly Christian nation.

Since this is a Christian nation why is the Mormon Church there to convert? Why aren’t they there for humanitarian reasons? 

“It’s a lot harder to teach the people in Europe than the people in Africa,” adds Elder Lee, Elder Davis’s companion. “It’s Africa’s time.”

That’s because Europeans have better access to the internet and are typically more aware of Mormonism and less trusting of their lies.  In addition to that you’re dealing with the effect of decades of communism and atheism.  

“Why don’t you have the cross?” asks a Ugandan who is considering joining. (Mormons object to the crucifixion — and death — as a symbol of their Christianity.)

The Cross is a problem for everyone who rejects the REAL Jesus. 

“The Mormons were founded by some guy who found stones or something,” a middle-age man calls out from the driver’s seat as he delicately maneuvers his car over a pothole. Elder Dangerfield and Elder Chiromo approach, their clothes betraying their identity.

“You are thinking of Joseph Smith!” Elder Dangerfield calls back.

Can you imagine?  The prophet of God you’re representing is known as the guy who found some stones?  Why aren’t you known for bringing the story of Jesus? 

“Yes,” the man says, “and that they allow polygamy? Do they still do so?” (They do not — the church banned the practice in the 1890s — and the stones were seer stones, which Smith used to gain his revelations.)


The young men take it all in stride — the prickly questions, the cultural misunderstandings, the rain and the cancellations.

Life is further tested by the straitjacket of rules. “Listen only to music that is consistent with the sacred spirit of your calling,” the handbook reads. “Do not telephone, write, e-mail or accept calls or letters from anyone of the opposite sex living within or near mission boundaries.” Failing to follow the rules, the handbook says, could threaten “salvation.”

How very, very sad. Strip them of their identity so you can control them better. It’s one thing to run a ministry or your missions department in an efficient manner and it’s quite another to LIE and tell them they’ll lose salvation for failure of following your manmade rules. 

The lessons are much the same, convert to convert. The young Mormons simply begin a conversation about what they believe, and if it goes well they leave a pamphlet or Book of Mormon and ask the recruit to give it a read, and pray. They are authoritative but deliver the message in a submissive manner.

“We don’t expect anyone just to take our word for it; we ask them to pray for it, to ask God if it’s true or not,” Elder Lee says. “Everyone knows that God is not a God of lies. We’re not trying to convert you to us; we’re trying to convert you.”

LIE, LIE LIE!!!!  IF YOU’RE NOT TRYING TO CONVERT THEM TO YOU THEN WHAT ARE YOU CONVERTING THEM TO???  God certainly is not a God of lies but the Mormon god is. 

Furthermore, not everyone knows God is not a God of lies.  If you’re unsaved you’re typically not aware of who or what God does and doesn’t do. 

Unlike other Christian missionaries in Kampala, Ugandans say, Mormons never ask for money. They are polite, not pushy. They volunteer to help local members or anyone curious about joining, even digging ditches or hauling bricks.

UGANDANS BEWARE!!!  The missionaries might not ask you for money, but if you don’t fork over 10% of your gross income to their bishop you won’t go to the temple where you receive a full salvation. 

Please, pray those missionaries meet up with some Christians over there and pray the Ugandans reject the lies from the angel of light. 

I wonder if the missionaries read the passages from Moses and Abraham that says blacks are cursed and sided with Satan while rejecting Jesus in the pre-existence?  Nah…that would break with the tradition of telling lies to the prospective converts.