2 Corinthians 10:5; “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”.

Today we’re looking at the second of a three part 2004 devotional talk Truman Madsen delivered to students at BYU-Idaho, Foundation of Temple Worship, Because this talk is considered one of their classic speeches, Mormons still refer to it today. We’re praying they’ll stop and think about what he said, and compare it to what the Lord Jesus says, so here we go! To read the talk in full, see link provided above.

Mr. Madsen used the first few letters of the alphabet to remind students of the importance in visiting the temple regularly. The letter ‘C’, he said, is for covenants, and covenant-making. Telling students that the earlier they participate, and the more they attend, the more God will bless them is unbiblical to the core. In other words, the wider you open that pocketbook…

The Heavens Will Shake

Remarkably, he also told kids the ‘heavens will shake for your good’, and then, and only then, God with ‘absolute conviction’, will put ‘trust in you’.

1.People today are like those in biblical times, and Jesus didn’t entrust Himself to any man because He knew their hearts. John 2:24 Why would He change the way He operates?

2.The phrase ‘the heavens will shake for your good’, is a throwback phrase Joe Smith used when prophesying over the early Saints. If they obeyed God, he’d tell them the same thing.

3.Madsen further stated that the ‘everlasting covenant, and the new and everlasting covenant centers in his sanctuary, the temple’.

Promises of Godhood for Polygamy

The Mormon version of the ‘New and Everlasting Covenant’ is polygamy (D&C 132:4), and polygamy is what promises the Mormon people the coveted godhood status they strive and work so hard for here on earth (D&C 76:58). Regrettably, Mormons don’t stop to think these things through. There will be no godhood, or forever families, with, or without polygamy; not now, or ever.

Moreover, why is he using D&C 132 as something they should strive for when they don’t practice polygamy?

Moving forward, Madsen also told students ‘…the endowment is the very powers of godliness…’

Let’s stop and think about this for a moment…the powers of godliness…

Doesn’t that phrase contradict itself?

How does someone have power in being godly? The very word should evoke thoughts of being pious.

John 3:30; “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Inviting Demons into Your Life

“The temple experience can be enlivening, enlightening, empowering and vitalizing,” he said. “We need to go back and back to have that experience.”

Madsen’s insistence to keep returning to the temple for that ‘feeling’ only digs the hole of spiritual depravity deeper.

No spiritually mature person would advocate such a thing. All he’s done is encourage kids to submit themselves to demons. Everything he said is straight from the scary files!

I can personally assure the reader, that ‘feeling’, is indeed unique, and not anything I’ve experienced outside the walls of a temple – praise Jesus! Participating in occult rituals for the dead only draws people further away from Christ, not to Him.

Pray for those who keep going back to get that ‘feeling’ they think is from God.