escaping-the-prophetIn case you didn’t know TLC has added yet another polygamy themed show to their lineup, this one is a little different than the ones they’ve shown in the past. The show’s aptly titled Escaping the Prophet.

Instead of showing women embracing the polygamist lifestyle the show’s focused on women wanting to run from it. It follows Flora Jessop and Brandon Jeffs as they reach out and help those seeking refuge from the FLDS community and the bondage this religion has over them.

These are very important stories to tell, and it’s important for us to promote the show because the LDS and FLDS are cut from the same cloth. It’s imperative for those thinking about joining Mormonism to see this side of the fruit Joseph Smith has placed on the heads of women who call him a prophet.

As a Mormon I never heard about the tragedies of polygamy, in fact what I learned was quite the opposite. Like it or not the LDS has to come to grips with what Joseph Smith’s desire for more and more women has cost generation after generation of his faithful followers.

The show airs Tuesday nights at 10pm. You can find more information about the show and see some clips here.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes