Tip of the Day, May 24

24 May

May 24 – John 4:24; “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and truth”.


Sometimes the teachings of the Mormon Church are just outright blasphemous and today’s example is one of these times.  Notice the continual onslaught of heretical teachings in regards to God’s nature.  Ask your Mormon friend what he thinks of the ‘Inspired Version’ of the Bible and the true Holy Bible that has stood the test of time.


“False creeds teach that God is a spirit essence that fills the immensity of space and is everywhere and nowhere in particular present….it is common for apologists to point to the statement in the King James Bible which says, “God is a Spirit”. (John 4:22-24.) The fact is that this passage is mistranslated; instead, the correct statement, quoted in context reads…For unto such hath God promised his Spirit”.  Mormon Doctrine, pg 318.

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