Tip of the Day, March 10

10 March

March 10 – Matthew 1:21; “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS:  for he shall save his people from their sins”.


Mormons believe that Jesus is one of billions of sexually begotten spirit children of God.  To the Mormon, he is literally their elder brother, as is Satan.  Their own teachings condemn themselves.  If we are all literally born as sons and daughters of God before we came here, then Jesus is a product of incest.

In the book Mormon Doctrine of Deity page 264 it says that God came down here to earth to impregnate Mary “instead of letting any other man do it…”


“The devil (literally meaning slanderer) is a spirit son of God who was born in the morning of pre-existence.  (D&C 76:25-6).  SPIRIT OF THE LORD – It has reference to the spirit body of Christ our Lord, the body which he had from the time of his birth as the Firstborn of the Father until he was born of Mary in mortality”.  Mormon Doctrine, pg 192 & 752.

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