Tip of the Day, June 9

09 June

June 9 – Matt. 5:4; “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”


There are two words today.  Mourn and comforted.  The meaning of mourn in the Greek is pentheo; to grieve or wail.  Comforted in Greek is parakaleo; to call near, to invite, comfort, exhort, and entreat, pray.  ‘Para’ means to come alongside.  The Mormon is always in desperate need of someone to come alongside them, bless them today by studying with them.


Mormon Doctrine, pg 518; “Wholesome and proper mourning – mourning based on sound gospel knowledge – is a profitable and ennobling part of life.  Men are commanded to fast and pray, and mourn: all these are essential parts of true worship.”

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