Tip of the Day, June 4

04 June

June 4 – Is. 40:8; “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever”.


Notice in the words of James Talmadge from the Articles of Faith how many inferences were made of the many ‘mistakes’ of men in the translation of the Bible, yet they choose to use it anyway.  Why would they want to if they believe it’s so corrupted?


“…no dispute as to the authenticity of the New Testament has claimed much attention.  The present is too late a time and the separating distance too vast to encourage the reopening of the question…The New Testament must be accepted for what it claims to be; and though, perhaps, many precious parts have been suppressed or lost, while some corruptions of the texts may have crept in, and errors have been inadvertently introduced through the incapacity of translators, the volume as a whole must be admitted as authentic and credible…”  Articles of Faith, pg. 248.

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