Tip of the Day, July 21

21 July

July 21 – Matt. 5:48; “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect”.


There isn’t a Mormon alive who hasn’t heard this verse and who doesn’t try to literally be perfect.  Their idea of full salvation can only be obtained by becoming perfect before they die and to fulfill their earthly missions of being married in the temple.  This is how they become a god for their own planet.  Notice the disparity a Mormon must feel when their prophets stand up and say things like what is quoted for today.  And look at just how powerless of a position they have placed Jesus Christ.


Quote taken from a speech given by Spencer W. Kimball in May 1977 at the General Conference.   “We have not the power in the flesh to create and bring forth or produce a spirit [with all the vaunted knowledge of the experts in the world, this has not been given to man]; but we have the power to produce [with the help of God] a temporal body [for our children]. The germ of this, God has placed within us. … Herein, brethren, you can perceive that we have not finished, and cannot finish our work, while we live here [on the earth], no more than Jesus did while he was in the flesh.” (JD, 15:137.)”

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