Tip of the Day, July 12

12 July

July 12 – Ps. 37:1; “Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.”


It is scary for the Mormon to think there is life after Mormonism, if and when they have decided to make the transition, remind them of the verse such as Psalm 37.  It is comforting for them to know that the Lord is there waiting to give them an encouraging word.  Teach them how to search the word for these things.  Today we’re dealing with silks, horses, cows, swine and elephants.  Again, the Smithsonian says there were none of these in the pre-Columbian times.


Ether 9:17-9; “Having all manner of fruit, and of grain, and of silks, and of fine linen, and of gold, and of silver, and of precious things; And also all manner of cattle, of oxen, and cows, and sheep, and of swine, and of goats, and also many other kinds of animals which were useful for the food of man.  And they also had horses and asses, and there were elephants and cureloms, and cumoms; all of which were useful unto man, and more especially the elephants and cureloms and cumoms.”

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