Tip of the Day, January 3

03 January

January 3 – elohim.  In the Hebrew this mighty name for God means creator and the fullness or the Deity of God.  In Gen. 1:26 God said; “Let Us make man in our image, after our likeness”.

As Christians we understand and know the Deity means Trinity.  The other meaning for the word elohim means pagan gods, rulers, kings, or principalities.

Mormons do not believe in the Trinity.  In addition to this, they call their Heavenly Father, Elohim.  Ask them which elohim they are worshipping.

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  1. shematwater January 4, 2011 at 4:48 am #

    Elohim: Litteral meaning: gods, in the plural.

    The LDS worship the one god who is the Head of the gods, or a God of gods. He is God the Father; Father to our spirits, and literal Father to Jesus Christ. He is the great authority in heaven that even Christ worshiped while on this Earth.
    We call our God “Elohim,” with the capital “E” as a title to signify that all other gods are subject to him.

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