Tip of the Day, January 26

26 January

January 26 – Deuteronomy 18 gives us explicit directions of what not to participate in.  Verses 10-12 tells us not to be witches, charmers, and consulter with familiar spirits or wizards…


Another term for witch is “medium”.  These things will send someone directly to hell. Of all the words in the English language why would Smith use the word “medium”?  It’s more than a mere coincidence my friend! If this man was truly called of God why would he use this word to describe himself when the Bible clearly warns us not to consort with them?


Joseph Smith refers to himself as a medium in D&C 132:6; “…of him who is anointed…by revelation and commandment through the medium of mine anointed, whom I have appointed unto my servant Joseph to hold this power…”

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