Proverbs 17:28; “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

The proverb above is an ad hoc version from the KJV, but still worthy of consideration. I’ve no doubt it was thought of many times in the days of Joseph Smith. It’s a shame not everyone has applied it to their own livs…

In today’s Mormon topic, we’re looking at three types of people. The first group consists of the vast majority of humanity. More times than not, people come and go in this life without leaving a sign they were here on earth. Still others, are bound and determined to have their voices heard, whether good, or bad. Such was the case with Smith, who even prophesied as much.

Our third group are comprised of those who rise up, and speak out, against the second group of which Joe Smith belonged. It’s unlikely the three men we’re highlighting today thought they’d be dealing with the likes of Joseph Smith. For whatever reasons, each took it upon himself to alert others of the turmoil brought about by Smith’s behavior.

Our group includes Pomeroy TuckerEber Dudley Howe, and Charles Anthon.

Pomeroy Tucker was a newspaper guy. He founded the Wayne Sentinel which carried some of Smith’s rebuttals to the criticism he faced. Tucker also worked for E.B. Grandin, which is where the Book of Mormon was published.

He wrote, Origin, Rise and Progress of Mormonism – Pomeroy Tucker, 1867, an exposé on Smith’s writings. He did this in response to his wife and daughter joining the Church, and his subsequent investigation of Smith’s behavior.

E.D. Howe was the founder of the newspaper, Painsville Telegraph in Painsville, OH. He wrote, and published one of the very first books critical of Smith, and Mormonism, Mormonism Unvailed.

His book (400+ pp) is filled with interviews of members, canon from LDS scripture, and meticulous quotes of Mormon leadership. It’s something we’ve used and quoted from here at LAM.

Charles Anthon happened to be a highly respected, and renowned professor of Hebrew, and Greek at Columbia University. His university, as well as others, used the books he authored on the ancient languages.

He became involved with Mormonism because Martin Harris (one of the three original BoM Witnesses), took a slip of paper to Dr. Anthon asking him to decipher the strange writings supposedly copied from the Golden Plates. It’s since become known as ‘The Anthon Transcript’.

As I was listening to my car radio yesterday, the pastor was reminding listeners how easy it is to witness to people about the truth of the gospel. While these three men didn’t give any indication they were believers, they did go out of their way to warn the masses.

Think of that in light of how easy it is for us today to share a simple truth with someone whom you’ve come into contact with throughout your day. The grocery clerk, doctor, your neighbor, etc. It’s not nearly as laborious as what these men went through to get the info out!

The purpose of our post today is multi-faceted. It’s to share the truth about God’s word, to expose Joseph Smith’s nefarious deeds, and to provide info on factual historical info. As you can see, people have been speaking the truth about Mormonism since its inception!

If  you’re LDS, please know that we pray for you daily dear one. We pray you come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and Him crucified!

The info we’ve provided is fact based, and can be trusted. I guarantee it.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18