Thought of the Day ‘Freemasonry is a Sectarian Religion’

16 November

stickman thinking 2While gathering info for our next installment on ‘Polygamy & Mormon Church Leaders’, I came across a quote by Joe Smith showing once again howBenjamin Frankliin Johnson this man should not have been trusted by anyone; then, or now.

The quote comes from the diary of an early Mormon, Benjamin Johnson, who served on the ‘Council of the Fifty’ for Joseph Smith.

Benjamin F. Johnson, My Life’s Review 

“…he [Joseph Smith] showed me his garments and explained that they were such as the Lord made for Adam from skins, and gave me such ideas pertaining to endowments as he thought proper. He told me Freemasonry, as at present, was the apostate endowments, as sectarian religion was the apostate religion.”


If Freemasonry was apostate in the days of Joe Smith, why pray tell, did he incorporate the apron, emblems, and endowments into Mormonism?

Wouldn’t this make the Mormon Church apostate as well?

James 1:8 “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

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