stickman thinking 3Today I’m wondering if the LDS Church is truly a Christian church then why do they have to dedicate an entire website and money on a PR campaign advertising how members can show compassion and love towards the gay Mormon community…

While pastors worldwide deliver sermons every week to their congregations on what God says about the human condition, I wonder why they’ve had to address this one subject matter.

Wouldn’t compassion and love for other humans be a natural response of those who are filled with the Holy Spirit? As Christians we’re not living to find happiness as Mormon leaders erroneously teach their congregants. Rather, the body of Christ lives to please God and our end focus is to have our minds stayed upon Him.

With the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit working inside of the believer our instincts will be to have compassion and mercy on everyone.

Why do they seem to be running in circles trying to explain to outsiders what they’re doing?  I guess that Prop 8 agenda they spent millions on is coming back to haunt them now.

Interestingly enough on their website on Moral Issues within the Church, they’ve openly stated sex is essential to God’s plan of salvation – the only stipulation is with whom you’re have sexual relations with.