Thought of the Day about Mormonism and Mormon E-mails

I receive quite a few e-mails from Christians and Mormons each day and I thought I’d use this one I received yesterday as an example of our work behind the scenes.

The reason I’m sharing this isn’t to humiliate or condemn this Mormon fellow, but to educate the Christian community of the response from a typical Mormon and how they process information that opposes their belief in God.

I’ve included my response and am waiting on his reply. Most Mormons won’t write back.

From: Shane
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2012 11:12 AM
Subject: false sources


I have read a few of your articles, and have already come to a conclusion. Many of your sources are incorrect. For example, you say that “The Mormon Church itself said in the book Eternal Man” The Mormon Church itself? Just because someone says they are mormon, and apparently they are a religious scholar does not mean they are speaking for the entire group of mormons, or what they believe.

I can tell that much of your information is twisted and taken out of context.

And to trash talk an individual person, then relate their reasons for conversion and clear testimony to the entire church? This is 100% propaganda.

Even though I am not LDS, I am convinced that you are absolutely not going about the right way to do this, and instead, you are doing satan’s work. I hope you learn to follow the teachings of Christ.


Dear Shane –

Hi, my name is Michelle Grim and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop by our site and e-mail us. Please know we’re praying for you Shane.

I give the same offer to everyone who tells me sources on our site are incorrect. If you can specifically tell me which article and/or source is wrong I’ll publicly apologize and pull it from the site – guaranteed.

The ONLY sources I use are directly from the LDS Church. I utilize their site, books written by prophets and apostles or BYU officials. These include their early periodicals, websites, teaching manuals and LDS scripture.  Any books like Eternal Man are indeed promoted and endorsed by the Church or they wouldn’t sell them at Deseret Bookstore or be available to study through Gospelink or other study programs.

And whom did I trash talk? Your accusations are just that.

We hope to hear from you again Shane and I’m serious when I say we’re praying for you!

As I said if there’s anything on any of my sites that is incorrect please let me know because I don’t want incorrect information being spread about the Church.

And just as a final thought. I would be absolutely shocked if you’re not LDS. People outside of the Church typically don’t refer to Jesus by His title only. Every once in awhile, yes, every reference to Him, no.  And if you think you’re the first person to lie about not being LDS when they write in, you’ve got a lot of company as it’s a common thing for Mormons lately.  It must be something new they’re teaching because when I went to seminary and MIA they always taught me to tell the truth.

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim

1 Cor. 1:18