Thought of the Day about Mormonism and Mitt Romney

08 January

Thought of the Day about Mormonism and Mitt Romney

In the CNN Political Ticker today (January 8, 2012),  I read that Romney sent out a glossy fold out brochure mail piece to citizens of South Carolina.


In this glossy brochure Mr. Romney is said to have “embraced his faith”.  When I saw the headlines for that I thought “wow, what a transformation this is!”  But then I read the brochure…

The only thing Mr. Romney had to say about his faith is that for his entire life he’s attended the same church.

As a Christian I see this and think okay, but that’s not really what makes a Christian a Christian.  The majority of Christians I know have been members of more than one church in their life and that doesn’t really mean anything.  Marriages, job relocations, moving because of selling a home, or the expansion of a church all add to the list of reasons why someone might not attend the same church for an entire lifetime.

This is one of those things that Mormons don’t understand.  Just because you attend a different church than say your kids or parents, it doesn’t mean you’re any less of a Christian or that you’ve rejected your old church if you happened to move.  The body of Christ is run by Jesus, not a conglomeration of old men in suits behind tall granite walls.

The other noteworthy item in Mr. Romney’s brochure is what I believe wasn’t there.  If he’s embraced his faith privately, why won’t he share it publicly?  Wasn’t he a Mormon missionary?  If he’s not going to divulge specifics of this very important fact about himself, what else is he not going to tell us if he’s the President of the United States?

It smells sneaky and reminds me of the tactics a bad used car salesman uses to lure you in so he can meet his quota for the month.

CNN did say that Romney is willing to confront questions about Mormonism while in South Carolina.  Let’s hope that happens!  I just can’t imagine the majority of people would be willing to vote for this guy when they find out all the hidden nuances of the Church.

For example the LDS Church began accepting blacks and all non-white people into their priesthood in June 1978, but is the general public at large aware that the miscreant teachings can still be found in the sacred canon?  Likewise, they abolished their public policy on polygamy, but it holds front and center precedence in the Mormon road to salvation.

Furthermore, Mormons (this includes Mr. Romney) have been tricked into believing that what goes on in the temple is “sacred” and not to be shared with unbelievers.  I’m wondering how well that’s going to fly with a strong evangelical crowd?  After all, Jesus did say there is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed (Mark 4:22) and the secret temple ceremonies usually don’t receive a warm welcome in crowds that know their bibles.  And what will people think when he tells them he’s a Christian but doesn’t wholly believe in the Bible?

Unfortunately, Mormons truly believe that when someone questions them about their religion they’re being persecuted just because they’re LDS.  I’m always praying they’d accept the fact that questions don’t equate to persecution.  If I was making fun of Mr. Romney because he wears underwear that you can’t buy at Target then he’d have a case of someone persecuting him.  When someone questions you because you believe Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, it doesn’t mean they’re being rude.  They want to know why you believe this.

I’m praying right now that when Mr. Romney gets to South Carolina someone in the crowd will question the teachings of his church and that in turn will give him pause.  Last I heard, God is still in the business of performing miracles!

Also check out the book Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters written by a friend of mine, Tricia Erickson.  Tricia is an ex-Mormon and daughter of a Mormon bishop.  Tricia pinpoints the problems of Romney flip-flopping track record in politics and how his affiliation with Mormonism can and will be destructive to us as a nation if elected to serve as President of the United States.  It’s a must read!!/pages/Can-Mitt-Romney-Serve-Two-Masters-By-Tricia-Erickson/225164237517335


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