Thought of the Day about Mormonism and ABC News 2

Unfortunately as I thought, part two of ABC News’ piece on the Mormon Church didn’t really do justice to what the true LDS Church is really like.  And to me this is disappointing because if I’m watching the news for truthful information I’d like to spend my precious time learning something new.

While I wasn’t expecting to be blown away I was hoping they would at least tell the truth about what Mormons really believe.  I’m not sure I understand why they didn’t ask them who they thought Jesus was or how many of the Mormon population is actually temple worthy.

Instead they only interviewed two apostles and a spokesperson for the Church without doing any outside investigation of the Church, whether they know about the cover-ups or not.

Another disappointment came when Dan Harris told Diane Sawyer that the Church is the fastest growing church in the world.

That title unfortunately goes to the Islamic faith, not Mormonism.

The first thing focused on in the piece was the Celestial room where Mr. Harris did say not all Mormons are allowed. (By the way, the only reason they were allowed in is because they went to a temple that was newly built and hadn’t been dedicated yet)  They didn’t give stats on how many are temple worthy. Letting the public know that roughly ten percent of Mormons are temple worthy would’ve been news worthy, don’t you think?

They second thing they talked about was baptism for the dead where they gave the scripted reason of why they do those.

I guess he must have asked the two apostles he interviewed about the secret handshakes because Melvin Ballard said; “We don’t get into the details of that”.  What a surprise!

The Mormon apostle Quentin Cook said; “You’re going through a process that, which taken out of context, can seem unusual or different, but if, in the whole context, doesn’t seem that way at all”.

Really? I had a war torn retired Marine tell me once that the handshakes of the Mormon Church are freakier than anything he’d ever seen in WWII.

As for polygamy? They wanted to remind the public that was outlawed more than a century ago.  I noticed no one actually said they don’t do that anymore…

The garment subject was referred to as a “tangible representation of their faith, much as some Jews wear yarmulkes”.  ABC wouldn’t show Mormon garments on air out of respect for the Church.

Those interviewed for ABC said that “the real center of their faith is family”.

That in a nutshell was it.

So the real center isn’t Jesus even though His name is smack dab in the center of the title of the Church.  Imagine how awesome that would be!

The focus is family and you can’t have forever families without the financial backing of your pocketbook.

Maybe someday someone in the mainstream news will have the courage to ask the real questions needing to be asked.