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15 September

The Money Spent by the LDS Church

 Today I was looking at the front page online edition of the Salt Lake Tribune.  Their headline story got to me thinking…





The Mormon Church is buying up a lot of property around the fire gutted Provo Tabernacle yet they’re “not sure what they’re going to do with it yet”. This is another reason I’m glad I’m not a Mormon anymore.

The church I belong to has a rule.  We don’t buy anything and don’t spend money on anything without a church wide vote first and then if the majority says yes, we proceed with the ideas we feel God has presented us with. Now I am not aware of anyone in the Mormon Church voting on this or any other property purchases so I’m wondering how the average LDS member must feel about spending their money in these ridiculously hard financial times we find ourselves in. Why aren’t they feeding the homeless or jobless in Utah? Why can’t they do so without a commitment of joining the Church and/or working it off on their welfare farms?

Another story that appeared in the Trib today adds even more speculation about their decision to do this.  The mean income in Utah has now fallen below the 1997 level. So where is the Church getting all this money and who said they can spend it on these types of things? Shouldn’t those giving the money to the Church have a say in these things?

If you’re a member of the Church when was the last time you personally saw a financial statement of the Church?

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