Thought of the Day about Mormonism, Romney, and Liberty University

I only have one question.


Why would a Christian university continue to use Mormons as their commencement speakers when they in fact teach classes on cults?

This isn’t the first time Liberty’s done this.  Glenn Beck has visited their pulpits as well.  I’ve never counted the number of Christians who run ministries, churches, etc, but I would imagine Liberty University could get anyone they wanted to come speak TRUTH to their students from the ONE AND ONLY WORD OF GOD known as THE BIBLE.

They are inviting the spirit of Satan to stand at that pulpit.  The god of Mormonism is NOT the God of the Bible.  The Jesus of Mormonism is NOT the Jesus of the Bible.   The Jesus of Mormonism is the brother of Lucifer and they have invited someone who believes in that to speak to their students.

To say that I am insulted would be putting it mildly.